All entrees are served with a choice of two sides.

95 South’s Jerk Chicken $12

Dark meat marinated in special jerk seasoning

Sumter’s BBQ Chicken $12

Dark meat marinated and grilled. Glazed w/ our BBQ sauce

Charleston Grilled Chicken Breast $11

Grilled chicken breast glazed w/ BBQ sauce

Southern Fried Chicken

Dark meat (thigh/leg) $12 or White meat (breast/wing) $14

Florence Fried Catfish $13

Golden fried catfish (choice of sautéed $3)

Grilled Tilapia $12

Southern marinated grilled filets

Myrtle Beach Grilled Salmon $18

8oz grilled salmon served with a side of cream sauce

95 South Jumbo Shrimp $15

Marinated jumbo shrimp (choice of fried, grilled, or sautéed)

Bo’s BBQ Ribs $16 | Baby Back Ribs

Fall off the bone ribs | half rack 16 full rack $25

Grilled Ribeye Steak $21

Surf & Turf $24

4 oz steak with 4pcs shrimp (choice of grilled or fried)


$5 Mac n’Cheese , $4 Yams, $4 Collard Greens , $4 Cabbage,

$4 Mixed Vegetables

$4 String Beans, $4 Sweet Potato Fries, $3 Baked Potato

$3 F. Fries, $3 Rice

$5 Onion Rings , $6 Side Salad