The Jersey Connection/North & South


April 10, 2011 - January 12, 2012 (The Jersey Connection)
January 6, 2015 - April 5, 2017 (North & South)

Chris Palmer and Jim Williams had a segment on The BS Big Show's early years called "Never Mind the BS" which was a more civil PTI-style look at sports from their point of view. Carl Chenier had the idea to spin it off once the network expanded to form their own podcast called The Jersey Connection. After the show ended, it came back with a new name in 2015 called North & South. Show's final episode was recorded only a month and a half after Jim's passing. On this page, we have combined the episodes for both shows for easier navigation.


#005 (04-05-2017) Chris Palmer's view of sports from the North Jersey side. On this unannounced series finale, he'll pay tribute to the late Jim Williams. 

(NOTE: Unannounced Series Finale)

#004 (08-05-2016) Chris Palmer goes solo on this edition of North & South as he'll cover the world of sports from the North Jersey point of view.

#003 (08-27-2015) It's a special bare bones edition of the podcast as Chris Palmer and Jim Williams focuses on the untimely passing of IZOD IndyCar series driver Justin Wilson and the horrible tragedy involving two members of CBS affiliate WDBJ, Alison Parker and Adam Ward from Roanoke, VA. Please listen to this special edition.

#002 (06-04-2015) Four months have passed since Chris Palmer and Jim Williams brought back their old podcast from the ashes under a new title. A lot in the sports world has happened since then, and they'll spend most of the time catching up on everything, plus talk on the whole FIFA debacle, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, plus "Grab Bag" and "Takedown" all on our sports podcast that has a Jersey flair to it.

#001 (02-05-2015) Chris Palmer and Jim Williams have returned with a new version of their old podcast "The Jersey Connection" with a different name, but with the format mostly the same. They'll cover all the latest in the world of sports with a New Jersey take on everything.

(Show Debut)

#000b (01-06-2015) Chris Palmer goes through even more tech issues to get a second pilot for the revived old Jersey Connection podcast along with Jim Williams as they'll preview the NFL Divisional Round matchups, give a proper tribute to Stuart Scott, discuss the new inductees in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the state of the UFC, and they'll do Takedown and the Grab Bag segments as well.

(Pilot #2)

#000a (12-07-2014) It's a revival of the old "Jersey Connection" podcast under a new title, but it's still Chris Palmer and Jim Williams talking about the whole world of sports like they only can. On this first pilot they'll discuss the NBA up to this point, plus Phil "CM Punk" Brooks signing with UFC, Roger Goddell's troubles with various players in the 2014 NFL season, which NFL coaches are on the hot seat, and they'll list their favorite and least favorite Christmas songs. They'll also bring back "The Takedown" and "Grab Bag" segments from the old podcast. Listen along to Chris stumble his way through this first pilot due to various tech issues.

(Pilot #1)


#017 (01-02-2012) Chris Palmer is flying solo for this first podcast of 2012 as he'll go over the weekend's NFL scores, college football bowl game scores, and other things. This turned out to be the final edition.

(NOTE: Unannounced Series Finale)

#016 (11-27-2011) It's an after Thanksgiving feast of sports news, Takedown, and all other kinds of things for Chris Palmer and Jim Williams to chew on.

#015 (11-19-2011) Chris Palmer and Jim Williams take a look back at the latest sports stories, takedown some people, and dig into the Goodie Bags. 

#014 (11-13-2011) Chris Palmer and Jim Williams take a look at the current BCS standings, their views on the NBA Lockout, plus they'll do the Takedown and take a dip into their Gift Bag for the best and worst in sports from the past week.

#013 (11-06-2011) After the LSU/Alabama war, Chris Palmer and Jim Williams welcome in special analyst Carl Chenier to give his thoughts on the game, plus what lies ahead for both teams. Chris and Jim also take down the worst offenders in the world of sports, and will revisit a segment they did last week for Halloween.

#012 (10-30-2011) It's a special Halloween edition of the show done by Jerseyians where both Chris Palmer and Jim Williams will give their thoughts on the World Series overall, share stories on their experiences with Hurricane Irene a few months back, plus Takedown and a special segment called Trick or Treat.

#011 (10-16-2011) With a tragedy taking place, Chris Palmer and Jim Williams reflect on the life and career of Dan Wheldon while discussing other top sports stories in the world, including New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton getting severely injured earlier that day.

(NOTE: This was recorded shortly after IZOD IndyCar racer and 2011 Indianapolis 500 winner, Dan Wheldon passed away from injuries suffered in a crash at the beginning of their final event of the year from Las Vegas.)

#010 (09-29-2011) The boys from Jersey have returned with a new season as both Chris Palmer and Jim Williams give out their end of season awards for MLB, plus bring back Takedown and the Good vs. Suck.

(Season 2 Premiere)

#009 (07-17-2011) Chris Palmer and Jim Williams brings to you discussions on the ongoing Women's World Cup, the British Open, ripping people apart on Takedown, and the Good vs. Suck.

(Season 1 Finale)

#008 (07-12-2011) Derek Jeter has hit a milestone by recording his 3,000th hit and beyond this past Saturday, Chris Palmer and Jim Williams break down "number 2"'s legacy in New York, plus "Takedown" returns with all new chewing outs of various people. Finally, the ongoing situations with both the football teams of Ohio State and West Virginia Universities get a keen mockery from the boys.

#007 (07-02-2011) Chris Palmer and Jim Williams return with another new episode that will feature discussions on the Waldimir/Haye title fight which turned out to be a big dud, David Ragan finally winning a Sprint Cup race, and they take a look back at the first half of 2011 in sports. Good vs. Suck closes out the program, as always.

#006 (06-27-2011) Chris Palmer and Jim Williams return with discussions on Jim Riggleman leaving the Nationals, plus both Williams sisters getting eliminated from Wimbledon, Finally they introduce a new segment and determine the good vs. the suck.

#005 (06-12-2011) Right after the Dallas Mavericks win their first NBA Title, Chris Palmer, Jim Williams, and special guest Jason Block give their thoughts on what turned out to be a really great NBA Finals after all. Plus, Chris and Jim discuss the rumor of a major MLB realignment, and a new segment gets tested out.

#004 (06-04-2011) Chris Palmer and Jim Williams return with discussions on the comeback the Dallas Mavericks made in game 2 of the NBA Finals, plus the possibility of Plaxico Burress becoming a Philadelphia Eagle once he gets released, and finally, they reveal their top 5 favorite players from their respective NFL teams, which prompts technical director Carl Chenier to reveal his top 5 from his NFL team.

#003 (05-28-2011) After a few weeks away, Chris Palmer and Jim Williams return with an all-new Jersey Connection episode. The NHL Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs get discussed here, along with recent comparisons of LeBron James to Michael Jordan and how the guys feel about it, and finally, they look at who's it good to be and who it sucks to be.

#002 (05-05-2011) On this Cinco De Mayo edition of the program, Chris Palmer and Jim Williams delve into the ongoing NHL playoffs, Gus Johnson's options of either staying at CBS or taking a job elsewhere, and finally, they try to figure out why a major change at a recent WWE event caused a lot of fans to be pissed off to the point where a lot of angry comments went on Twitter about the matter.

#001 (04-19-2011) It's the official premiere of the Jersey Connection as Chris Palmer and Jim Williams take their expertise from the "Never Mind the BS" segment from The BS Big Show and move on to their own podcast. In this edition, they break down their respective NFL teams' 2011 schedules, plus break down the ongoing NBA and NHL playoffs.

(Series Debut)

#000 (04-10-2011) Chris Palmer and Jim Williams team up to bring you a show full of sports discussion. We've taken a form of Never Mind the BS and converted it into a newer presentation, plus we added on a few new segments to go along with it.