Welcome to the new home of 8Three Studios. More to come in the future as we are currently moving over old posts from our old WordPress setup to a more streamlined Google based website.

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Site updates:

(10.18.23) Added the 6 surviving episodes of Locked In to it's page.

(10.17.23) Touch 'Em All and Locked In pages now live. Episodes coming soon.

(09.29.23) Updated Down the Tubes page with important info. Site will resume normal updates soon due to real life issues.

(06.22.23) All WLTI links fixed.

(06.01.23) Added page for WLTI Season 12.

(03.23.23) Added NAWC page for 2014.

(03.20.23) Added NAWC pages for 2012 and 2013.

(03.12.23) Added 2 episodes to NAWC' 23 page.

(03.07.23) Added pages for Night Shift, GSG Presents, The Jersey Connection, and North & South.

(03.05.23) Added NAWC page for 2011 year.

(03.04.23) Added NAWC pages for 2010 and 2023 years, added content to PIXELnation, Red State, Blue State, and The BS Big Show pages.

(03.02.23) Split up main sections on this page into "Current Podcasts", "Former Podcasts", and "Collaborated Podcasts". Added logos to other former programming we've done over the years with pages coming soon.

(02.21.23) Added NAWC pages for 2007-2009 years.

(11.16.22) Cleaning up some old links while adding a notice for 2023 and beyond.

(07.17.22) Added page for WLTI Interviews.

(07.04.22) Added pages for PIXELnation, Red State, Blue State, and Down the Tubes.

(07.02.22) Created website, added pages for WLTI, NAWC, and The BS Big Show, added seasons 1-3 of WLTI, and the first 5 episodes of WLTI season 11.