GSG Presents


April 11, 2011 - August 19, 2015

These were specials created by the team of Game Show Garbage/Gumbo webmaster Cyndi Seidelman, the late Jim Williams, and Carl Chenier on a number of shows debuting or other events happening that they would livecap. They were joined by special guests throughout.

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#013  (08-19-2015) Steampunk'd Carl Chenier and GSNN's Chico Alexander take a look at GSN's Steampunk'd.

#012  (07-16-2015) GSN's Chain Reaction v.2 Carl Chenier, Jim Williams, and special guests Chico Alexander, Jason Block, and Mike Klauss take a look at GSN's 2nd version of Chain Reaction with new host Mike Catherwood.

#011  (08-12-2014) Idiotest Cyndi Seidelman, Jim Williams, Carl Chenier, and Mike Klauss takes a look at Ben Glieb's new game show, Idiotest.

#010  (01-08-2014) Mind of a Man DeRay Davis presents GSN's Mind of a Man livecapped by Jim Williams, Carl Chenier, and Jason Block.

#009  (04-01-2013) Sale of the Century's GSN Debut The GSG Team wakes up early to livecap the first airing of Sale of the Century on any cable outlet since 1994. Audio of the episode is included to follow along. BOING! BOING!

#008  (03-12-2013) Family Trade As a rib played on Cyndi and Jim, Carl had an idea for them to livecap one of GSN's weirdest offerings of the 2010s, Family Trade while he went to work. They call upon special guest David Downs to help break it all down.

#007  (10-15-2012) Press Your Luck's Debut Episode Cyndi, Jim, and Carl drag their butts out of bed to livecap PYL's debut episode that aired for the first time on GSN.

#006  (09-02-2012) The Pyramid Cyndi, Jim, and Carl take a look at GSN's revival of Pyramid with new host Mike Richards.

#005  (08-23-2012) The American Bible Challenge Jim is out for this livecap, so Cyndi and Carl call upon the services of Mike Klauss to look at what turned out to be GSN's best original in terms of ratings with host Jeff Foxworthy.

#004  (06-11-2012) The New Figure it Out  The crew takes a look at Nickelodeon's revived Figure it Out with new host Jeff Sutphen. Audio of the episode is included.

#003  (05-22-2012) Hip Hop Squares MTV2's foray into game shows is showcased here with Peter Rosenberg hosting Hip Hop Squares. Audio of the episode is included.

#002  (06-11-2011) The New Lingo Bill Engvall has big Lingo balls. Oh my. The crew consisting of Cyndi, Jim, Carl, and special guests Mike Klauss, Ethan Musulin, and Brian Henegar take a look at GSN's 2nd version of Lingo with raunchy commentary.

#001  (04-11-2011) Love Triangle Game Show Garbage's Cyndi Seidelman, Jim Williams, and Carl Chenier begin this foray into livecapping shows with Wendy Williams' new project, Love Triangle for GSN.