This is a very ambitious project, starting from zero (nearly) so it needs pioneering spirits, people who want to co-create, and can put up with any kind of discomfort for the joy of making something new together.

Note that it is the People-Care aspect of this project which is unique & we are interested in hearing from people who much more excited about this, rather than the exotic location, as their main motivation for joining us.

So it is now a requirement that prospective members have taken at least this first module of the Integral Permaculture course in order to be included in the internal design process we're carrying out, which is all thoroughly documented on private wikis. See below (WHEN).

See Who page to see who we are looking for, who started this, etc.

There are 8 permanent residents on site now (not including all the animals we share our home with!) We of course welcome (and already have) children as our ideal is to be a multi-generational community, with all age-ranges present and thriving. You can see a discussion about this in our Facebook group here.

We are developing a holistic grazing model as an example for others to learn from

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who realize that creating more eco-villages and transition communities is an urgent & vital necessity now, and who feel a genuine calling to apply their talents, knowledge, passion, creativity & all resources they can muster toward helping to create those. & who see this as a labour of love for future generations. (See videos in WHY if you have any doubts about why this is so important)

Please note that maybe in ten years or so we will be able to offer a much smoother transition, but right now, this is a project strictly for pioneering species.

Pioneers are people who LOVE transforming places, they are those who enjoy making a place beautiful, & aren't so much interested in looking for beautiful places.

If you are not a 'pioneering species' we encourage you to look into the many eco-villages that are further along in the development.

See Links

If you are a creative values-driven & innovative type of person (who does not put their own comfort high on their personal scale of importance) you will probably have a great time here, as there is so much to do, yet all the important basics are already in place.

An Action-Research Project

In order to also help set up many more eco-villages elsewhere, we work as a live action-learning study, & are professionally documenting each phase of the creation of the EcoVillage, testing the theory* against practice, sharing our findings in order to add to the wealth of action-learning knowledge in how to create communities & sustainability-enhancing projects.

* The Integral Permaculture curriculum aims to cover all the basics anyone needs to design a sustainable culture. You can see the e-Book (the Integral Permaculture Manual, under construction) here: PermaCultureScience.org

> this project essentially PUTS INTO PRACTICE & EXPERIMENTS with the models, tools, guidelines & methods in there, step by step.

So we are looking for people who are very excited at the thought of doing all this, which is painstaking work, requiring we always keep the big picture in mind, whilst working on many little details - rather like the path in the picture above (which is not taken on site - we wish!)... which we include as a metaphor of this process we describe, of crafting the path as we walk it, with much loving detail, for others to later walk home more easily.

This is ideally for people who are already thinking in the "we paradigm"(instead of still too stuck in the old "me, me, me" paradigm we're all too well trained in), and are up for a very big adventure.

Emotional Maturity

A high level of emotional maturity (or flexibility / high determination to grow some quick, as we are also a training organization) -

  • to work hard physically
  • as well as emotionally
  • plus a real willingness to be very honest
  • and to welcome change.

These are all basic requirements, at least for the foreseeable future*, whilst we are uniting the core group (8-10 people).

We (eventually!) spotted a pattern which clearly distinguishes the kinds of 'mature' people who do well here.

They are those who don't tend to passively blame others or outside circumstances for their difficulties & discomforts, but rather look to what they can change, and do so, creatively & pro-actively, openly & with intelligence, instead of creating drama & gossip.

Pro-active & Cooperativepeople (the two permaculture directives) think of how to benefit the whole group, not just themselves, & propose original re-designs + ask others honestly & clearly to change anything they think isn't working well + are willing to dialogue to find the best solutions within the integral permaculture framework.

Integral Permaculture is about radically changing a brutally unjust society, not about hoping to reforming some bits of it by changing our lifestyle choices in the west, and it's certainly not about saving our over-privileged asses by taking refuge somewhere that hasn't gotten spoiled yet.

If you are able to appreciate the need for this distinction, and have studied well the Evolutionary Relationships page (essential criteria), we would love to hear from you.

* We look forward to being able to, eventually, be able to provide a more inclusive & healing place for more people, at whatever stage they are, once we have the basic resources to do so: a core group of stable mature & knowledgeable people who that can hold a healthy & stable base for the powerful inner transformations that often spontaneously start to happen for people when they move into a very different, more hopeful & rational way of living.

From "Collapsing Consciously"

an e-book by Carolyn Baker

Anyone who is paying attention to the converging crises of our planet rapidly becomes aware, if he or she isn’t already, that industrial civili­zation has infantilized its inhabitants.

As someone has said, we are a culture of two-year-olds that refuses to accept limits.

Hence we are now living the consequences of our unwillingness to grow up and confront reality.

In Nature and the Human Soul, Bill Plotkin outlines the developmen­tal, emotional, and spiritual tasks of our species from infancy to death, emphasizing our need for initiatory experiences that deepen the soul and its wisdom.

Speaking generally, it’s easy to deduce that, as a species, we need to grow up; however, Plotkin details the maturation process of individuals who become eco-soul-centric as opposed to ego-self-centric human beings.

An eco-centric human being or culture endeavors to serve both na­ture and the culture of which she is a part. In an eco-centric culture, customs and traditions are rooted in interdependence. Obviously, this is in stark contrast with the ego-centric individual or culture, which per­ceives itself as separate and often superior to the other. Dependence on authoritarian systems or extreme independence is valued. It’s all about me and mine. There is little concern for the sacred but much for the profane—and the word profane is related to the word profit.

Authentic adulthood is grounded in the sacred and in one’s connec­tion with the rest of the earth community, with which the mature indi­vidual recognizes his interdependence.

From that perspective, it’s all about all of us, including our descendants, at least seven generations forward.

Turbulent times compel us to abandon our infantilized outlook and become reverent, interdependent, eco-centric adults.

While we are now experiencing the end of growth on many levels worldwide, there is no limit to emotional and spiritual growth. It is the one and only thing we can have as much of as we like.

How to Apply

As we are very selective in what kinds of people we can welcome right now at this early pioneering stage, which is why the application procedure is quite long, so do start as soon as you are quite sure you are seriously interested in joining us.

Start by requesting access to the 'Pioneers' section of our website using one of communication channels at the bottom of this page.