This project has evolved thanks to 11 investors (in order of arrival): Stella, Julio, Angustias, Ville, Heloisa, Jose, Miosotis, Lidia, Pat, Cecile & Celi.

The youngest one is 24 years old, and the oldest one 87 (in 2017). We also have 3 external facilitators: Heloisa, Pepa & Esther.

8 of us (including children) are living here full time but all founders are actively involved in the design and organization of the project.

From Heloisa, on becoming an investor in 8th Life

"Today what we most need is knowledge. To express ourselves, to know who needs the much that we can produce, to take the much & varied that we need from others...Including using the little money we need to live well.

These days a bigger crisis is passing in front of us - global, integrated, deep, ready to disintegrate us as a species. I correct here the current accepted view that "the planet" is in danger: the planet is fine, thanks! It demonstrates it all the time with its adjustments, as we have been witnessing these last years, against which we can do little or nothing, if we haven't predicted it in 30-50 years. It is us as a species - that believes ourselves the dominant one - who is doing very badly...

For that reason, those savings we had reserved for the future (as our grandparents wanted) - it is very good that we start using them NOW, with some strategic sense to ensure that there will be livable space for our children & grandchildren & their children & grandchildren.

I don't know how many we will be, but some of us believe that. Even so, we have things to do.

For that reason I decided, without hesitation, to make an investment in this present future that is the EcoVillage Project of Gaia Tasiri, where we are building new relationships in many dimensions between each of us and their family - with our neighbours near & further on, with Mother Earth, our Pachamama who is tired of being irrationally exploited. We want to be able to take on healing & caring for our little & infinite blue planet, for ourselves & future generations.

My specialty is the construction of sustainable money systems. People look at me and see "social currencies" - those which are designed, produced, distributed & controlled by their users, for the satisfaction of their mutual needs, by those who believe they have not only the right but also the duty to unmask that great misunderstanding that transforms money into a commodity.

But a sustainable money system needs a sustainable territory in order to make sense!

For this reason the relocation of my savings makes sense.

I was looking for it for a while. I didn't find it because I know too well the traditional banking system. I remembered Stella Strega (never better named) & we got back in touch in order to see how we were doing & I didn't doubt one instant. I know that we will have very concrete results to show for it very soon.

Welcome to the little Canarian ship that is already sailing in the future of our young ones."

-Heloisa, Founder Member, 8th Life


Read about our founder members here.

We are grateful to everyone who helped get this project started, and to all those who support us in developing it.