8 Days of Axel is, you guessed it, an eight day long event celebrating both Axel and Lea!

This event is hosted on twitter and tumblr under the tag #8DaysofAxel and runs from June 21st to the 28th.

This event is open for anyone and everyone to participate! Any type of entry is perfectly fine, be it: edits/graphics, gifs, fics, art, headcanons, playlists, IRL projects, etc etc. Just be sure that the work is your own!

You are also welcomed to follow the prompts are loosely or as closely as you’d like, there's really no strict way to go about it. Just have fun and be sure to give Axel/Lea the focus!


8 Days of Axel 2020 Prompts:

i. Picking Up Strays

ii. Sunsets

iii. Missions

iv. Fave AU

v. Apologies

vi. Icky Jobs

vii. Vacation | Day Off

viii. Free Day

Tag Links

Twitter: #8DaysofAxel

Tumblr: #8DaysofAxel

Prompt Archive

8 Days of Axel(ea) was originally created as an event for me to do leading up to my birthday. I thought it would be fun to make it open for others to do if they wanted too and I never expected it to go beyond the first year or for people to show interest! I love seeing people participate and I just love seeing Axel/Lea celebrated!! Thank you to everyone who participates, it means the world!

🔥 Drea ( viiixel )