We would like to acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee, the Métis, and the Mississaugas (Anishnabe) of the New Credit First Nation. The territory was the subject of the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, an agreement between the Iroquois Confederacy and the Ojibwe and allied nations to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes.

Today the meeting place of Toronto (from the Haidenosaunee word Tkaronto) is still the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to gather and work on this territory.


Participants: Jacinte Armstrong, Alexandra Elliott, Priscilla Guy, Kristy Janvier, Liz Kinoshita, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus, Alexa Mardon, Jennifer Mascall, Esie Mensah, Sora Park, Deanna Peters, Sarah Joy Stoker, Andrew Tay, Peter Trosztmer, Lexi Vajda


safety second - vest armour and potatoes - electricity - what could we do with shit - the innocents

tap, tap, tap... after 6 months you'll notice a change

it must cause irreversible damage to the subject

we're building a shared imagination around what destruction is

we're building a shared imagination around what creation is

It must change the context of the subject


does destruction become creation?

creation is destruction?


In actively engaging and performing destruction, a helium foil balloon was sucked into the ventilation system of Dancemakers. The exercise itself was eventually destroyed by the panic around this situation, and the subsequent staff who had to come into the studio to deal with the issue, which was a fire hazard.

Sarah picks plastic out of garbage bins.

we consider the ecological footprint of art making while on a Cherry beach excursion.

how do we value our future through art practice and what do we sacrifice?

8 DAYS - Bibliographie & Collective writing - Toronto 2017

stopping trying to do something interesting - the difference between wanting from and wanting for

Veto Kaa Encore Block - from Radical Empathy

tears of pain tears of pain tears of pain - close embraces


La pile électrique pas-innocente-mais-presque qui nous a entourés a généré 15 volts d’électricité et était composée de ces ingrédients, disposés en cercle.

  • 15 pommes de terre
  • 2 tomates
  • 2 citrons
  • 4 carottes
  • 2 oignons.
  • Des fils de zincs
  • Des fils de cuivre
  • Des marettes
  • Des ampoules Led en rangs, 12 volts.

Il est possible et souhaitable de se prendre par la main pour compléter le circuit et de constater la conductibilité entre les êtres.

Intricate Partnering meets Making a Scene in Alexandra Elliott's 8 DAYS experiment. The balloon in the background watched over us from a hiding spot until remerging on our last day.


I am you.

I generally love to practice reading people's intentions/proposals in dance situations,

I'm holding all the nows at once

I miss my dogs.

I am searching for the least i need to survive.

I wake up and listen to the birds to tell what time it is.

I might have had too much coffee.

I can't wait to see you.

How do I move as an artist from I to we?

I am not considered tall.

I am slipping on truths and tripping on problems

I am a reflection of light and love


we recognize the harmed and the harming - unidirectional violence if unchallenged will always perpetuate. Is it possible to successfully challenge violence with anything other than violence?

Side to Side

Forward and Back



Pick Up the Key

Follow the leader's inhale

Follow the leader's exhale


silent dinner before and after

silent dinner has been Justine A. Chambers' offering to 8 DAYS... we continue it


leftovers are assembled on the table

we set the timer (1hr 15 minutes)

we begin cooking, silently, together, apart

Silent Dishes...

sangria1 lemonade laughter burgers storm roasted garlic time checks sangria2 bruschetta salami salad1 salad2 salad3 crackers cheeses roasted vegetables raw vegetables humous salsa rain smile boursin cheese! red wine white wine how many volts are on this table?

“A lot happens to the concept of agency once nonhuman things are figured less as social constructions and more as actors, and once humans themselves are assessed not as autonoms but as vital materialities.”

Jane Bennett, Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things

peter poured my poaching wine out of the saucepan

i saw him do it three seconds too late

i poured more in and made him sip from the saucepan

the wine was not bad

documenting Sarah documenting

Day 2 at Dovercourt House. No precise schedule. Although, organized in a circle and everyone took their turn in order, counter-clockwise.

unicorns/ anatomy/ guts/ poop


NUGGET shit value

assumption SURRENDER


CONSENSUS electricity excite




electricity IMAGINATION construction

Gingerly shit ROUTES

Health Holistic expectation

Irreversible QUEERING reversible

old food, new friends

Guy Bun

1. sweep the hair loosely behind the ears

2. with two hands drop hands and swoop the hair up to the crown.

3. The elastic is taut between the third and fourth finger and the thumb

4. the elastic wraps around twice looping one bun and a second smaller one on top

5. grasp a plank of hair with at the centre back of the head and drawing another to the right of it draw it over the center part and draw a hair in away and then turn it at a right angle back the way it came. This method can be used anywhere on the head.

8DAYS "cadavre exquis": an in-camera, spontaneous choreographic editing collective practice proposed by Priscilla AKA GUY Bun.


make a circle - 3 persons dance with closed eyes - record sequences of 3 to 15 seconds - give the camera to someone else - put together all the NUGGETS and discover your " cadavre exquis"

we are dancing at the Toronto Reference Library

genealogy of mitzvah and Itcush

I Am a Reflection of Light and Love.

I am slipping on truths and tripping on problems

I am slipping on truths

and tripping on problems

I am

problems tripping

I am truthfully slipping

I am moving closer to her and slipping on truths

I am a problem

Tripping on


problematic truths

Sourire / Rire

Un ballon bonhomme-sourire a été aspiré dans le système de ventilation du studio de DanceMakers. Il flottait candidement au plafond (après que Jacinthe l’ait libéré de son attache) jusqu’à ce qu’une bouche monstrueuse l’avale sans permission et le fasse disparaître à jamais. Notre rire -- c’était drôle il faut le dire -- est vite devenu une sorte d’obstruction : la situation demandait une dose de sérieux à laquelle il était presque impossible d’obtempérer tant l’absurdité dominait. Il aurait fallu rire moins, ne pas rire du tout, lorsque la technicienne du studio est entrée avec son échelle et s’est interposée dans une improvisation cocasse où Priscilla incarnait un personnage immonde affairé à décapiter un troll à coups de ciseaux.Trois jours plus tard, Alex se prépare au partage de sa pratique. En cherchant des bouteilles vides dans la boîte de recyclage elle trouve une boule jaune frippée. Le bonhomme. Retrouvé. Il fait désormais partie du paysage.


Which one is yours?

ready the space in front does not equal the space behind they feel crooked they feel refreshed from the sunshine and the ocean they love shadows and others too they feel the sweat behind their toes they feel like coffee and warm feeling peppermint oil they wish they could go to coffee shops and talk about important things they feel behind themselves and a sense of space in front things that would make a difference in the lives of others ready excitement about the it takes a lot of energy to transform a to b and grateful that they themselves they they can see it feel like they don’t want to they want to see objects feel objects they don’t love sweaty feelings listening to other people they feel the space in front of them they safety second away from dogmatism polemics righteousness the dull they wish they could change clothes ocean lake they can see it wanting from wanting for ready

from Brian Massumi's "Politics of Affect"

These passages remind me of what happened at 8 Days. I think of resistance to linear progress and value assumptions, co-inventing and organizing as performance.

"Resistance creates it's own field"