8B [ò-ttò-bì] 

loc. inv. also cond. OttoB 

1 fig. a formal greeting for someone that you meet: ò-ttò-bì? 

2 fig. a difficult, worrying, and unpleasant situation: Oh! Tò-bì? 

3 fig. 8B [ ò-ttò-bì ] Italian singer-songwriter, sound 'n' vocal explorer and overenthusiastic performer from Milano.

A motivational music maker usually accompanied by a smily guitar, loop station, noisy stuff, a black hat and a lot of positiveB*.

*positiveB = a "well taken" person in an extremely optimistic and inexplicably positive expression of happiness. 

Music is the expression in life math.” 


manband inyourhandz

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P R E S S  &  R E L E A S E

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Circolo Provarci  latest project of  8B will be released on digital store from the 30th August 2023.  

This track is part of a 'motivational disco' message, a path and a mantra that has always accompanied 8B as parallel music identity - called discolow - trought the discovery and wide exploration of its own sound savannah.

Circolo Provarci official video on @8Bmusic  youtube channel 

B-side: the graphic design of this release was designed by 8Boat - 8B "floating" laboratory.


Just do.

CIRCOLO PROVARCI   [ Listen & Buy ] 

Digital store & streaming  https://songwhip.com/8b/circoloprovarci

Youtube — 'Circolo Provarci' the video

Cover artwork [ ©8Bmusic.com - Milano, 2023 ]

video  CIRCOLO  PROVARCI  video


Cover artwork [ ©8Bmusic.com - Milano, 2022 ]

done this way


Done this way is the new release of 8B. The third and final component of the reggae roots dub project with The Aye Aye Dubntone System.

An ode to our Mother Earth, to ourselves, to be wise and appreciate, preserve and above all and pass on the treasure we have always had, the most important for our survival and that of the planet, the seed. Life.

DONE THIS WAY   [ Listen & Buy ] 

08.12.22  |  soundtrack release

Digital store & streaming  Done this way

Youtube'Done this way' the video

Say 'seed' and be wise.

The answer has always been under our feet.


video  DONE  THIS  WAY  video


Bl4ckm4n is the latest single out on digital store from the dawn on 8 October 2022.  

Watch now Bl4ckm4n official video on 8B youtube channel 

This single is part of an EP, the result of 8B's 2019/2020 roots reggae project with the Aye Aye Dubntone System

A deep instrumental grooveline, a driving melody, dub sounds and 8B's soaring vocals create a 'rootsy mantra' track.

For this and the other songs that make up the Ep, credits for this project go to: 8B (lead vocals and vocals), Antonio Celenza (drums), Enrico Tamaro (bass), Gabriele Abis (guitar), Ilario Bianco (keyboard), Ivan & Ricky (sax and trombone).

B-side: the graphic design of this release was partly created with an artificial intelligence software, using a prompt text based on the theme of the song.

BL4CKM4N   [ Listen & Buy ] 

Digital store & streaming  https://songwhip.com/8b/bl4ckm4n

Youtube  video première 08 Oct @08:08pm

Cover artwork [ ©8Bmusic.com - Milano, 2022 ]

video  BL4CKM4N  video

Cover artwork [ ©8Bmusic.com - Milano, 2022 ]


100skies is the new single by 8B as well as his "first vocal published debut". The track was released on 8 August 2022 on major digital stores.

In addition to the single, was also released a video on the 8th September 2022.

100skies is part of a unique EP and musical collaboration, it was conceived, composed and produced as a result of a roots reggae project between 2019 and 2020, where the groove of 8B meets the reggae roots dub culture of The Aye Aye Dubntone System

7 musicians for a one-shot adventure, from Milan to Jamaica driven by the beat . This single (preview of the EP "Done This Way") is the results of physical and musical journey.

8B wrote the lyrics of 100 Skies during a summer afternoon: "At that time I was particularly bewildered by the news and images of refugees and their plight in various hotspots around the world, so I imagined all those people, both yesterday and today, far from their homes for various reasons, fleeing war, in search of safety, food or a better job, to build a better future for their families". Sadly, two years later, the lyrics of the song remain highly relevant because of the conflicts in Ukraine, which we hope will end soon.

We have worked on every detail for the next month, then the band went to Jamaica for 2 weeks of intense work on the 3 tracks of the EP, so they came back, and we locked ourselves into Grezzly studio for a few days and the tracks was magically ready."

Credits for the aye aye dnts project goes to: 8B (lyrics & vocals), Antonio Celenza (drums), Enrico Tamaro (bass), Gabriele Abis (guitar), Ilario Bianco (keyboard), Ivan & Ricky (sax & trombone)

B-side: the artwork and promotional materials related to the communication were created by 8B himself, who in addition to being a singer-songwriter is also a skilled mixed media designer.

100 SKIES  [ Listen & Buy ] 

Digital store & streaming  https://songwhip.com/8b/100-skies

Youtube  — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBz7Cs3HR1c

video  100 SKIES  video


Swing me for a while is a spontaneous homage to jazz, bebop and swing culture, the soundtrack that has faithfully accompanied 8B on his path of musical growth and sound education.

For Coleman Hawkins, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Django and Grappelli, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and many others, this is a humble thanks to the great masters who will continue to teach through their immortal art. 

Soft closed rhythms create a jazz mantra as much to dance to as to listen to. About Swing me for a while 8B said: "it is my bebop synthesis of loops and imagination, the digital result of analogue emotions."

SWING ME FOR A WHILE   [ Listen & Buy ] 

Digital store  —  https://songwhip.com/8b/swing-me-for-a-while

Youtube  — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBz7Cs3HR1c

Cover artwork [ ©8Bmusic.com - Milano, 2022 ]

video  SWING  ME  FOR  A  WHILE  video 

8 B I O

8B · stage d(r)iving @OBopenmic [Milano, 2019]

8B & the Aye Aye Dubntone System [@Torchiera _ Milano, 2019]

Otto Benevolenza, known as 8B, is an italian singer-songwriter, a sound 'n' vocal explorer, an overenthusiastic performer and a mixed-media designer from Milano.

8B is a motivational music maker usually accompanied by a smile, guitar, loop station, noisy stuff, a black hat and a lot of positiveB*.

*positiveB = a "well taken" person in an extremely optimistic and inexplicably positive expression of happiness. 

Genre: Soul, Funk, Reggae roots, Experimental music, Electronic music.

The name 8B derives from a fusion of the number 8 (otto) otto- and the letter -B

The union of these 2 characters generates a contracted form that in an inquiring italian tone expresses interest in the mood of others, Oh! Tò-bì? 


He grew up influenced by listening to a mix of funk, jazz, oldies, bossa, carribean, pop and electronic music up to his first musical experiences in some cover bands such as Jamiroquai and The Police, but after the break-up of yet another band, in early 2014 he decided to take up the guitar as a self-taught musician in order to express himself freely and give vent to his voice. 

He began the first live shows with a wide variety of covers rearranged in an acoustic and possibly upbeat key. The first sketches saw the light of day, where 8B's motivational optimism, warm jokes and colloquially shrill voice revealed his hitherto hidden potential as an entertainer. Various personal episodes, the artistic growth of that period and the desire to prove himself led him to start writing his first lyrics, and enthusiasm was immediately high.


That's how it start the fantastic adventure on the 'island' of Ostello Bello in Milan, where for more than 5 years years he organise Milan's first Open Mic night dedicated exclusively to songwriting and independent productions: @OBopenmic.

Rules are the same as the original UK open mic: 15 minutes to play a maximum of 3 tracks (only original and NO-cover).

8B builds the event, designs graphic identity, conducts, performs, entertains, photographs and acts as SSM. 

Through these multiple activities he honed his strong multitasking and problem solving skills and also a certain stage anxiety (yes, they all have it a bit), but above all his intense musical experience on stage.

Over 60 evenings in recent years have promoted singer-songwriter music every month and have been able to inspire, stimulate and support many singer-songwriters, especially from the Milanese and northern Italian scene. 

Thanks to the enthusiasm and the strong response of the audience and artists, 8B has come up with a new exclusive Open Mic side project, called "Open Mic Extended Version", in which 3 artists selected by 8B from the best of the previous Open Mic evenings, perform for 30 minutes each and answer 8B's uncomfortable questions, an evening of talk, insights and music in the lounge of Ostello Bello.

From late 2017 to 2019, he co-found the Aye Aye project, an evolution of Dubbation cover band, where he deepened and tightened his connection to roots reggae music, dub influences and international songwriting.

This incredible adventure led to numerous concerts, appearances at festivals throughout northern Italy where they performed classics and non-classics that made the history of roots reggae, dub and rocksteady, Toots and the maytals, Max Romeo, The Gladiators, Midnite, Jacob Miller and many others.

This beautiful collaboration was memorably sealed with the creation and production of three timeless tracks, and incredibly perfected on a Jamaican trip, in studio with the holy monsters of roots reggae. An EP whose singles, starting with the first '100 Skies', will be released by the end of 2022. 

He is currently working on his first album, a collection of experiences in music for a first work of unreleased tracks in different language codes.



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