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8 ball jacket by Louis Marco - Editors choice

This product is usually sold at $160-$180 range and comes in black, yellow and orange. The best part about this 8 ball jacket for sale is that it is made of real leather. Staying true to the bomber jacket design, it has rib-knit features on the waist and cuffs and has a shirt collar style.

Everybody loves the zip slant waist pockets of this 8 ball jacket especially because of the extra pockets inside. You won’t need to carry a bag or a man purse because you can stuff your mobile, keys and wallet inside these spacious pockets. It’s quality material and design make this a great buy for its price range.

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In case you lived under a rock and didn’t know - an 8 ball jacket is made out of cowhide and have an 8 ball design created by Michael Hoban. Wearing the leather an eight ball jacket became one of the biggest clothing trends of its time, the 90’s.

But copycats began making the same style and design or with slight variations, using faux leather. They sold the look-a-likes for a third of the original’s price and flooded the market, making the trend lose momentum. This time around, the trend has started again and even I got my own.

I like to wear my classy black 8 ball jacket the most when driving my Yamaha bike. It keeps me warm even on chilly nights on the road. Get one for yourself and show it off as a statement piece.

Best 8 Ball Jacket 2017

Before you spend your money on the 8 ball jacket, know that the original Michael Hoban one are no longer manufactured. You can only buy the original if you’re looking for used or second hand vintage clothing.

To help you out, I have listed down the closest to the original Hoban 8 ball jacket by other manufacturers that sell it at affordable prices. They are not knock-off mind you, but branded 8 ball bomber jackets.

1. Louis Marco 8 Ball Leather Jacket

Priced at $160-$180 range, made of genuine and high quality dyed cowhide leather, this 8 ball leather jacket is designed after the bomber jacket that pilots used to wear. They were usually made of sheepskin or cow leather and has a rib-knitting on the cuffs and waist.

This one, like the bomber jacket has a way of making men feel they just added ten points to their overall appeal. Yes, jackets are primarily worn to keep our bodies warm, but masculine meets military uniform appearance of the leather jacket males wearing it seem like a charm of sorts. Moreover it’s a fashion statement.

Going back to this one, Luis Marco Men’s 8 Ball Leather Jacket has a design and color combination similar to Hoban’s orginal line. Compared to most man leather jackets made by other manufacturers, Luis Marco has got the same vibe going as Hoban’s.

Patterned after the flight jacket though, this new 8 ball leather jacket has rib-knits made of high grade material in the ends of the cuffs and waist. It comes in black, yellow and orange or red black and yellow. The collar always comes in black and has multi-color patterns for the sleeves and body.

Best Tip: Order two sizes larger than your actual size. The manufacturer doesn’t use American sizing and Amazon’s generic sizing isn’t accurate either.

2. Black 8 Ball Jacket For Sale

This is black 8 ball jacket made of real leather with a combination of quality synthetic material. This model is elegant and sharp compared to the statement piece I named as number 1.

This model is a great alternative to the original 8 ball bomber jacket. Technically, it is still an 8 ball jacket, with the 8 logo stitched in the sleeves, but it comes in black, with the “8” in white.

This black 8 ball jacket stays true to the spirit of the pool game reference. The ‘eight ball’ is the last ball pocketed in pool, so people connected the bright colors and 8 ball design as a subtext saying - the wearer is a winner and proud of it.

Black David Puddy 8 ball jacket retains the eight but opts for more black. What I personally love about this one is that it’s so comfortable with the knitted collar and the viscose lining.

I can wear this black leather jacket the most, since no one can comment that it has way too bright colors like Hoban’s original 8 ball jacket design. Plus the quilt stitching adds aesthetics that compliment the classy elegant feel. Surely, it’s made from talented craftsmen.

Best Tip: Choose this 8 ball jacket for sale if you are not comfortable with the bright colors of the items listed in #1 and #3.

3. F&H Men's 8 Ball Bomber Jacket

This 8 ball bomber jacket embraced the ridicule the 90's show, Seinfeld, threw at the eight ball jacket after the trend waned. Like the first one I listed, it has the same bright colors and design of the original 8 ball bomber jacket Hoban made.

It is made of high quality synthetic leather that is durable and comfortable at the same time and has a satin inner lining. It also has the classic bomber design, almost exactly like the TV character in Seinfeld wore.

If you want the next best thing to Hoban’s original 8 ball bomber jacket at affordable prices, this eight ball jacket is the best choice. It’s only priced at $100-$140 range.

Best Tip: The manufacturer offers a hassle free return policy for this 8 ball bomber jacket.

8 Ball Jacket for sale in Amazon

If you want to get a brand spanking new original 8 ball jacket by Michael Hoban, then dream on. Authentic second hand are hard to find. You can choose from the ones available on Amazon. As always, this online retail store comes through with hard to find items.

The 90's fashion trends in general can no longer fit in the present, aside from the 8 ball leather jacket and maybe those hooded flannels that I love.

It’s no wonder that wearing an 8 ball bomber jacket is becoming popular again because nothing screams individuality more than this leather jacket. Thankfully, trendsetters and confident individuals who are not afraid to make a statement are reviving the trend. So get your own 8 ball jacket now.