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Here you can find information for our notebooks, classwork, and other class information you may have missed or need.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my excitement about working with your child and you this year. I love teaching students about math and I care deeply about their outcome in life. The main goal of this class is for students to be involved in developing their mathematical and problem-solving mind. The objectives of this course are for students to become lifelong learners, to embrace the world of math and be able to think critically and solve problems in a logical way.

If extra assistance is needed to master the content, please encourage your child to ask for help. I have an 'open door' policy and welcome any questions or comments that will help your child succeed in my class. Also note that if you ever have any comments, questions or concerns, I am available for phone calls and meetings (by appointment) each day before school. To schedule a meeting, you may contact me via email, or through the school, (404) 802-3200.

What You Need For Class

  • 2 Composition Notebooks (Semester 1 & Semester 2
  • 4 Packs of Index Cards
  • 3 Ring Binder
  • 5 Dividers
  • Calculator TI-30X

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