Two Poems:

  • Raped by Religion
  • Eagle Poem

Raped by Religion is a poem that deals with mental assent. Mental assent is commonly found within denominational churches where people falsely assume that church membership saves them. But the sad truth of the matter is that church membership no more makes them into a Christian than standing in a garage makes them into a car! Mental assent causes church goers to have a false assumption about their salvation but the end result will be that they will be rejected from entering the kingdom of God when Jesus tells them that He never knew them! Without spiritual regeneration within and the accompanying evidence of the fruit of salvation-a person is simply not saved.

Raped By Religion

By Kenneth Popken

There was a girl who never knew a man.

She was physically pure but not in her mental stand.

She was raped by religion and does not even know

That to the Lord’s arms she will never be able to go.

Can a person who has been raped, ever experience love?

Can a person in religion ever experience the God above?

Millions think that by church membership or water baptism they are saved.

They are proud of their church attendance and about their religious activity they have raved!

But they do not know the Lord in a personal way.

Everything that they do in church is just for entertainment and play.

On judgment day the Lord will say, “I never knew you!”

But the carnal Christian will reply “But I was a member of a church and theology I knew.”

Salvation is more than just repeating a prayer.

There must be fruit of holiness produced or they will not climb heaven’s stair.

Salvation is just the beginning of the race rather than the end.

Their race is yet before them and their ways they must mend.

It is not how a race is started that will count.

It is only matters how one finishes his race that will amount.

What good is religion without knowing the Lord?

Multitudes of carnal Christians are part of this godless hoard.

They have nothing but dead religion and the rituals invented by man.

But this aimless activity only defiles them in their mental stand.

To be raped by religion is to have a mind defiled by self-righteousness.

They assert their religious activity as their badge of holy bliss.

But they do not know the Lord and for show do religious activity.

And their own lack of relationship with God they do not even see.

God is not concerned about church membership or social functions.

What is important to God is to walk with Him, not following religious unction.

Padded pews, stained glass windows, dignified sermons and donor plaques on the wall.

These will not save anyone or keep them from being lost from that final eternal fall.

Church was never meant to be a place to be entertained or be flattered by man.

Church is serious business of preparing people for eternity by following God’s plan.

If they forfeit a real spiritual endeavor by pursing a fake Christian club.

They will lose their only hope of knowing Christ and their eternal race will be scrubbed.

A real church will teach people how to please God.

There is no time to just be idle or to slowly plod.

Human life on earth will shortly come to an end.

It is then that they will no longer be able to pretend.

If they have not lived for God in a practical manner.

They will have nothing to answer to God except just to stammer.

It is this time that they will realize that they were deceived.

All that they did on earth will be lost and they will be left bereaved.

Christians in Hell is a serious teaching lesson about life!

What they do on earth can eternally cut their throats with their own knife!

Eternal burning fire and worms does not seem to be the place for the Christian to go.

But if that Christian never knew Christ they will join the unbelievers below.

It is not church membership that saves us or being dunked in a water tank.

A true believer must produce fruit of righteousness or be burned like a plank.

It is all about walking with God and keeping His command.

Playing Christian games will not save them or cause them to enter God’s land.

Those who are raped by religion are engaged in mental assent.

Mental assent agrees with salvation but will not stop their hell’s decent.

It is not enough to just intellectually believe.

The demons also believe but from hell’s fires they are not relieved.

If a person believes they must also confess with their mouth.

They must make Jesus their Lord or their salvation will go south.

Many confess Jesus as Savior to escape the fire of hell.

But if they do not make Him Lord, eternal damnation for them it will spell.

Accepting Jesus for fire insurance but then living their own life

Is a false idea among carnal Christians that is exceptionally rife!

If Jesus is not their Lord then they are not saved.

It does not matter about how many good deeds they do rave!

Salvation is by grace but at the same time

If they do not produce fruit of holiness then heaven’s stairs they will not climb.

Making Jesus their Lord means they must do whatever He will say.

How can He be Lord if they do whatever they may?

Religion is an invention of mankind.

They suppose they can still go to heaven just following their own mind.

But God has a prescribed way and a plan for them to follow.

If they do their own thing then their lives will be hollow.

It is all about knowing God and following His plan.

But without holiness, from God they will be banned.

Religion never helped anyone and it is a vain pursuit.

It takes knowing God and waters it down and makes it dilute.

Those who are in religion are not sincere or honest or right.

They just play games and live in self-deception rather than walking in light.

Do you want to get serious with God or continue to play a religious game?

You are wasting your time in religion that is only Christian in name.

Those who are raped by religion will never see the light!

They cannot walk with God in holiness that is pure and bright.

They are engaged in pretense and are not serious with God.

Saying they are a Christian (but living for themselves) seems odd.

Multitudes and multitudes in the valley of decision!

Will they sell out for God or end up in hell with a great collision!

They cannot falter between right and left or good and bad.

The choice is theirs but sitting on the fence is not an option to be had.

Their choice will be made for them by default of death.

Their race is finished after they have breathed their last breath.

If they have not lived their life for Jesus then it will be too late.

Once they are sealed up in hell they cannot alter their fate!

The decision is up to you!

Will you get out of dead religion or remain in hell’s queue?

Have you been raped by religion and defiled from knowing God’s love?

Or will you escape from religion and fly toward heaven like a pure white dove?

Those who have not decided if they will fly away or remain on their religious roost,

Will be the ones who end up in hell because by religion they are seduced!

Do they enjoy listening to flattery and lies?

That tells them they can do as they please and still to heaven they will arise?

A tree is known by its fruit because a thorn bush does not produce pears.

And so a true believer is known by his fruit seen in the state of his affairs.

Righteousness, faithfulness, steadfastness, and love!

These are the fruits of those reborn by the God above.

If the fruit is not evident or is missing or in lack.

It is obvious a person has not escaped dead religion and stuck on a mental track.

There is a great cloud of witnesses in heaven that are cheering us on.

It is a great disappointment to them to see someone fall in a pit of religion, then all hope is gone!

Each person must run their own race to receive their reward and crown.

Being a member of religion will gain them no rewards but only a frown!

It is time to put away dead religion and stop playing around with passivity.

Decisions that are made on earth will determine our eternal destiny.

God is calling His people to separation!

They are to leave the carnal church and the world and be a holy nation!

Carnal Christians love the world and are just the same!

They will end up in hell together with the world and suffer eternal shame.

To be raped by religion stops people from walking with God.

They think they are OK but their reasoning is flawed!

Being a member of religion has nothing to do with salvation.

They may as well jump both feet into the world because they will suffer the same damnation!

There are multitudes of unregenerate people sitting in church pews.

But they may as well join the worldly bunch with all their vices and tattoos!

Standing in a church does not make them a Christian by far.

Anymore than standing in a garage makes them into a car!

The fruit that is produced in a person’s life is what distinguishes them as redeemed.

Evidence of salvation is keeping God’s laws and following things God has esteemed.

Being like the world actually makes the carnal Christian an enemy of God!

They must repent of friendship of the world before they are under the sod!

Once a person has breathed their last there is no more repentance that can be had.

Only when a person is still alive on earth can they still save themselves from hell’s bad.

So don’t waste your time in religion or you will end up in hell.

You have to get right with God personally or experience death’s knell.

Eagle Poem

The Eagle poem speaks of the self-deception of someone who assumes they can indulge in unrepentant sin for a long period of time. Such people often suppose they can still repent before their life on earth comes to an end and thus still secure eternal life. But if they harden their hearts by living in continual unrepentant sin then a time will come when they will no longer be able to repent and they will cross their perdition line. At this time it will be too late for them to repent because the opportunity for repentance will be gone.

The Eagle

By Kenneth Popken

There was a mighty eagle who soared high and he soared free.

His life story is a testimony to you and to me.

One day as he was flying in the cold winter sky

He looked down below at a river and gave out a cry!

He was excited about what he had spotted floating on a piece of ice

There lay a dead rabbit all tempting and nice!

He descended in anticipation of an easy meal

This opportunity for a free lunch was such a good deal!

He landed on the chunk of ice as it floated down the river flow

But there was a great waterfall coming ahead-like a dangerous foe!

He had to eat fast while looking over his shoulder

He planned to eat and then fly before going over the falls like a boulder!

Just before he reached the brink of disaster

This mighty eagle beat his wings like an airborne master!

What happened to the eagle next came as a total surprise

Things may not always work out as one would surmise!

His feet were frozen solid to the floating chuck of ice!

He tried to break them free repeatedly but his efforts did not suffice.

He had struggled to free his feet until he took his last breath!

He went over the falls and fell to his death!

There is a lesson to be learned from our fine feathered friend!

We must not play with death or our life will come to an end.

Sin is subtle as it deceives you and me

We think we can enjoy and then set ourselves free!

Do not play with temptation or it will bite you like a snake

Then from hell’s descent you will not be able to brake!

Sin is like venom that poisons you and me

It destroys us from within and from its effects we cannot be set flee.

It is insane to say that we can sin and then repent later

Willfully sinning can put us into the jaws of a gator!

An alligator can lock his jaw onto his prey

He then pulls them under until they are slayed!

Sin has the same power to clamp down on us like a vice

Those in bondage to sin are like this eagle frozen to the ice.

The eagle once flew high and once he flew free

But when he landed on the ice he entered into bondage he could not see!

It is the job of the devil to tempt mankind to sin

This has been his demonic agenda for ages and has always been.

If the devil can get a person to sin

He knows he has them snared and shows his devilish grin!

So watch out for temptation and get a control of yourself

The devil has all kinds of flavors all arranged on his shelf.

Do not play with sin because you will be made a fool

This is really the doorway to hell and it is the devil’s tool.

It is the over-comers who will enter into paradise

But they must stay away from sin and pay the price.

We can learn from the mistakes of others and this eagle is no exception for sure

Sin is a trap that leads to death and temptation is the lure.

Do not be like the eagle who presumed he could set himself free

It is better to run away from temptation and from sin you should flee.

Joseph did run away from Potiphar’s wife

He had enough common sense that he saved his own life!

Can a man embrace fire and not be burned?

Avoiding temptations is something that must be learned.

Do not believe the lie that you can enjoy yourself and then set yourself free

Many people have gone to hell because temptation they did not flee.

God gives us His grace to run our race on this earth

We have no excuse for not overcoming to enter heaven’s berth.

No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to all man

You will not be allowed to be tempted beyond what you can stand.

There are rewards for overcoming and this includes all sin

We have to fix our gaze on Jesus and not be distracted by the world’s noisy din.

You were born free and made free by blood of Jesus Christ

Do not sell yourself short by playing with sin and vice.

We are no better than our eagle friend

We should not risk our lives to follow the world’s trend.

Our life is like a river flowing toward a brink

We must make our life’s decisions before life ends in a blink.

There is a great cloud of witnesses who have made it to heaven before

They all overcame sin and worldliness to enter heaven’s door.

They all cheer us on and encourage us to finish our race

We can enter heaven with them if we do not alter our pace.

So do not be shaken from your heavenly goal

You will reap your reward if you do not quit and you will save your own soul.