Core Teaching Lessons

These core teaching lessons are those that are "core" or essential for believers to finish their race on earth and obtain eternal life. Experiencing salvation is not the end of the race but only the beginning. These lessons all speak of the enduring biblical theme of believers finishing their race on earth.

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Summary of Christians in Hell

This teaching shows that Christians do have freewill and they can most certainly choose to go to hell by willfully living in unrepentant sin. This lesson shows that eternal security is a demonic doctrine that causes carnal Christians (who are deceived by it) to be sent to hell. Those who believe in the lie that once they are saved they are always saved will end up in hell because such false doctrines give the false impression that a person can repeat a salvation prayer and then live like the devil and produce no fruit of holiness in their lives and still make it to heaven. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

God is both kind and severe and Christians must consider both sides of God. God is kind toward those who continue in this kindness but severe toward those who fall away from Him with unrepentant sin and hardening of the heart in stubborn rebellion. Christians who willfully return to the defilement of the world after they were set free are like sow being washed returning to the mire or a dog returning to its own vomit again. Those who sin willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth of salvation have no more sacrifice for sins but only an expectation of a terrifying judgment from God. God will judge His people and this speaks of Christians who knew God but willfully turned back to sin. The Christian is set free from sin for the purpose that they might bear fruit of holiness to God but if they remain as a barren tree they will be chopped down and cast into the fires of hell. Some Christians say that they know God but their actions deny Him. Not everyone who says calls Jesus their Lord will enter the kingdom of God but only those who do the will of God and produce fruit of holiness in their lives. Those who stumble occasionally and confess their sins and be forgiven but this is different than someone who hardens their heart and lives in unrepentant sin for long periods of time. Such people are in danger of having a seared conscience and they will no longer be able to repent anymore. God gives people time to repent but if that time of repentance passes Christians will experience the judgment of God.

Summary of Fear of the Lord

It is by the fear of the Lord that mankind depart from evil and the fear of the Lord is the fruit that by the office of the prophet. Without the ministry of the prophet the church will become carnal and have no fear of the Lord. When women introduce feminine thinking into the pulpit they will typically give a feminine point of view of God that is all love and mercy and the remove the masculine side of God such as judgment for unrepentant sin. This false teaching removes a fear of the Lord from the Church and Christians become carnal when they have no fear of God. To be carnal means that Christians behave and act just like the world because they have no fear of God and no fear of going to hell. Jesus told his disciples that should not fear man who can only kill the natural body and after that they cannot do anything else. Jesus said that they should fear God who has the power to kill the natural body and cast a person into hell. Those who fear the Lord will refrain from evil and where there is wickedness prevalent this is evidence of a lack of fear of the Lord. The believer is warned that God will judge them impartially and that they are to live their lives on earth in reverent fear of God. Fear means to respect God and honor Him with obedience as an obedient son honors his father. Hearing the law of God will produce a fear of the Lord because people will see the righteous requirements of God and also the penalty for disobedience. Believers are commanded in the scripture to fear the Lord because God puts His fear in the hearts of mankind so that they will not turn away from Him. The believer is warned to conduct themselves in godly fear during their stay on earth because it is the fear of the Lord that causes holiness and compliance with the righteous requirements of God. The believer is told to work out their salvation with fear and trembling knowing that they have a race to finish and they do not want to be disqualified from this race and sent to hell. Having the fear of the Lord results in a believer becoming zealous for God and putting away passivity with sin.

Summary of Salvation's Race

Repeating a Salvation prayer is not the end of the race but it is only the beginning of the race. Believers must finish their race on earth or they will not enter the kingdom of God. This teaching encourages believers to be faithful to the end and to finish their race on earth.

This teaching also speaks of the three parts of man and how that a believer is about to get a handle on sin and control sin in their lives so that they will be able to finish their race on earth. The bible tells the believer to cast off every sin that so easily entangles them and run their race with endurance. This teaching reveals how believers can cast off sin so they can finish their race and obtain eternal life.

Summary of Overcoming Christian

The Bible speaks much about overcoming and those who do not overcome cannot enter the kingdom of God. This is a key and essential teaching for anyone who wants to escape hell and enter into heaven. The book of Revelation has many scripture references about overcoming: Revelation 2:7, Revelation 2:11, Revelation 2:17, Revelation 2:26, Revelation 3:5, Revelation 3:12, Revelation 3:21, Revelation 12:11, Revelation 17:14, Revelation 21:7. It is obvious by the last book of the Bible that only those who overcome will enter the kingdom of God. These words concerning overcoming (in the last book of the Bible) are the last warning and admonition to believers that they might be encouraged to overcome and be able to finish their race on earth and inherit eternal life. The Bible is filled with examples of people who overcame and even the genealogy of Christ has many people listed who overcame during their time on earth. Perez overcame instead of his twin brother Zerah and this is a picture of someone who does not draw back but perseveres to cross their finish line. Judah had great grief over his idea to sell his brother Joseph into slavery but he overcome and he stood up and fought for the life of his brother Benjamin. Tamar overcame and received an heir to inherit the property of her dead husband and care for her in old age. Rahab the prostitute overcame when she believed in the God of Israel and turned a deal with the Israeli spies to save her life in exchange for theirs. Ruth was another pagan woman who overcame and she believed in the God of Israel and she was faithful to Naomi and entered into the genealogy of Christ. Jesus said that if anyone wants to be His disciple they would have to forsake everything and count the cost to follow Him. This is exactly what Ruth did when she left her own people and forsook everything to believe in the God of Israel. The parable of the Nobleman speaks of overcoming until the return of the Lord and being faithful to the Lord during a person’s time on earth. Believers are expected to do the same during their time on earth as a sojourner. Those who endure to the end and are saved will reign with Christ on earth during the coming millennium. God rewards faithfulness with promotion and increased responsibility. Those who are faithful will gain great promotion and will rule and reign with Christ. Everything that a believer does on earth will be rewarded if they have been faithful in what God called them to do and do not give up.

Summary of Ruth

This teaching is a verse by verse study of the entire Book of Ruth and it reveals an interesting story that illustrates the believer as a pilgrim on earth making their journey toward heaven.

Ruth is an Old Testament book rich with revelation of God’s plan for man. Ruth is a story of a Gentile coming to Christ. She is faithful through the Jewish and Gentile Harvests. (The barley and wheat harvests) and she becomes part of the lineage of Christ by her son Obed. This is a testimony of Christian faithfulness through the earth’s harvest, until the time when the Kinsman Redeemer comes to receive us as His bride.

For each verse of scripture in the book of Ruth I have given supporting scriptures to illustrate spiritual truths found in the book of Ruth.

Summary of New Creation Born of God

The teaching lesson “New Creation Born of God” speaks of what happens to a person when they are reborn spiritually. Jesus said that unless a man is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. This lesson illustrates what it means to be born again spiritually and uses natural illustrations to describe what takes place within the heart of a person when are spiritually regenerated. This lesson is good for all believers so they will understand what happened to them when they accepted Jesus and were spiritually reborn. It is also good for unbelievers to learn what it means to be born again. One of the evidences of spiritual regeneration is that a believer will have a hunger for the word of God and reading their bible will be like a baby that drinks milk because it supplies spiritual nourishment to them. Another evidence of salvation is a desire to put away the former life and sin and produce holiness. Those who have become children of God by faith in Jesus Christ have their names recorded in God’s book which is a family registry in heaven. All those recorded in the Lamb’s book of life will enter into heaven when they die on earth and those whose names are not recorded in the book will be cast into the lake of fire! A man is made of three parts just like an egg has a shell, egg yolk and an egg white. The shell is like the natural body of man that will die and be buried on earth but the spirit and soul of man are eternal and they will live forever. If a person is a child of God by faith in Jesus they will live forever in heaven but if they have not accepted Jesus they are a child of the devil and they will burn eternally in the fire of hell prepared for the devil and his angels. Those who believe in Jesus will receive eternal life but those who do not will remain in the wrath of God and experience everlasting punishment after they die no earth.