Kenneth and Helen Popken

Kenneth attended VWMTC in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1986 and received his B.A in Christian Ministry from Indiana Christian University under the late American apostle/evangelist Lester Sumrall in South Bend Indiana. He has been an international minister since 1988, serving 14 years in the Philippines and traveling throughout Asia on ministry tours.

Helen graduated from Hampstead Bible School in London England in 1987. This bible school was founded by the late British prophet/teacher-Howard Carter. Helen then returned to Korea where she served as a pastor (for about five years) of a church she named Agape International Fellowship. This was a fellowship of overseas workers in Seoul that met in the administration building of David Yong-gi Cho's Yoido Full-gospel Church in Seoul South Korea.

Kenneth met Helen when he was invited to minster in her fellowship. They married in March 1997 at the US Embassy in Seoul Korea and after marriage Helen came to the Philippines with Kenneth where she helped him in founding a bible school. They currently reside in Wonju City, South Korea as International ministers.

All of the teaching lessons on this website are available for viewers to download to their own computers. They only have to click on the link provided to download them from the cloud storage site. They can download both the audio and text of these lessons so they can listen to the audio and read along with the text message at the same time. The core teaching lessons cover the basics that will help them to complete their race on earth and obtain eternal life and the general topics provide practical material for everyday life. Other topics will be added periodically.

The biblical principles contained in these teaching lessons apply to anyone of any race or culture or language or people on earth. Mankind has the exact same problems in all nations on earth and God has provided the solutions to these problems by principles found in God's Word-the Bible.

Helen will exclusively be focused on ministry to women as an extension of Kenneth’s ministry.