We have assembled a complete bible including both Old and New Testaments. This bible was assembled by selecting the best of the scriptures found among seven different translations. The introduction written for the 7K-Bible reveals that there are a number of false doctrines that were based upon the altering of scriptures to force them to conform to modernist points of view. Whenever a bible translation is altered to conform to the standards of humans then it is in error. God expects humans to conform to His standards rather than altering His Word to comply with theirs! The complete 7K-Bible displays great unity among the biblical principles found from Genesis to Revelation. This is in great contrast to scriptures that have been altered from the original intent by laymen theologians. When scriptures are altered they will always come into conflict with the large body of biblical principles found in the bible as a whole. Below is a link to the introduction of the 7K-Bible that shows why this translation is needed. This introduction gives examples of how mistranslated scriptures have caused thousands of carnal Christians to go into the ditch!

The 7K-Bible is available on my private site. Those who are interested can contact us at the email address found on the contact page.