Landlord Gas Safety Record

Why do I need a Gas Safety Check and Certificate?

It will make sure your gas appliance is working correctly, efficiently and safely. If you’re a landlord this is a legal requirement.

A product that provides you with our expert safety advice and Landlord Gas Safety Check and Certificate so you can rent out your property. Our Gas Safe Registered engineer will inspect your gas meter, pipework and appliances to help ensure remain compliant with current legislation, plus you benefit from online Gas Safety Certificate and receive annual reminders.

What's included

  • An inspection of your gas meter, pipework and any appliances you have selected.
  • A Gas Safety Certificate showing the outcome of the inspection and areminder when it’s due for renewal.

Things we don't include

  • Any repairs or replacements.
  • An annual service.
  • The cost of re-inspecting any of the failures detailed on your Gas Safety Certificate.

Prices start at £45 for 2 appliances then extra £10 per additional appliance