Bentonville City Plans

The images on this page were taken from the North_Walton_Study-FINAL-10-3-14_reduced.pdf file found on the Bentonville City websites. I have split out the individual pictures in order to add my comments in regards to this development as it relates to my home that is for sale in Downtown Bentonville. I would highly recommend opening the actual PDF File to get a clearer image than what I was able to capture here.

This map is a proposal for the development of this area of North Bentonville. Most of the items on this plan are not currently in place. I did notice that around the end of July 2017, there was an Arvest Bank Branch Office that was torn down and it had been located where the Walmart Urban Center (2) will eventually be located. I can only assume that the work on this part of the plan will be starting soon. I've added numbers to this map for your reference:

1. Green Space

2. Walmart Urban Center

3. Pedestrian Connections to Adjacent Neighborhoods

4. Tiger Boulevard Activity Center

5. Tree-Lined Streets

6. Gateway

On this map, Walton Boulevard is the main street that runs north and south through Bentonville. The street that comes from the east to the Walmart Urban Center (2) is NW 5th Street. Distances from our home to various locations around Bentonville are:

1. Our house is located 0.6 miles from the Walmart Urban Center (2).

2. I have not yet measured the distances, but we are approximately 1.0 miles from the Gateway (6).

3. We are 0.2 miles from the entrance to Compton Gardens, which is also an entry point onto the Razorback Greenway.

4. We are 0.4 miles to the Downtown Bentonville Square.

5. We are 0.3 miles to Lawrence Plaza (Splash Park in Summer / Ice Skating Rink in Winter)

6. We are located approximately 0.5 miles walk to Crystal Bridges Museum. This is accessible from the Razorback Greenway. If you prefer to drive, it will be approximately 2 miles.

7. We are located about 1.2 mile walk (or approximate 2 mile drive) to the Amazeum for Children.

8. We are located about 1.2 mile walk (or approximate 2 mile drive) to the Bucky Ball, a favorite night-time art piece for locals and visitors alike.

NW 5th Street does not currently go all the way through to Walton Blvd, so the future development plan appears that they will be opening up that route. I do not know all of the plans, but it would make perfect sense for the city to renovate NW 5th Street all the way to Main Street, and then south to the Bentonville Square. Main Street and NW 5th Street are already popular for races that start from the square. If this does occur, then our home would be 1 block away from all of this development, enhancing the location even more.

The following map is not part of the City Planning document. I've created this map to give you a good picture of where all of these places are located relative to our home.

The Gateway (6) location is not on the map I created for you above in relation to my home, but is on the very top map of the North Walton plan. To get a good frame of reference, this is on Walton Blvd approximately 0.75 miles from the Walmart Urban Center (2).

I am very curious to find out more about the picture on the far right above. It shows a tunnel crossing under some street. It is not clear to me where this would be located. It would make sense for this to be around the Walton Urban Center (2) or the Gateway (6), but I cannot tell for sure. It would make sense to have a tunnel at some point for crossing Walton Blvd, since that is a very busy and wide street. If I find out where this is going to be, I will update my website with that information.

The street you see at the bottom of this picture is NW 5th Street. The crossing street is Walton Blvd. Currently, NW 5th Street is not a through street, so all of this will be new development. Our home is located on NW 6th Street, and will be approximately 0.6 miles from this intersection. To give perspective on this picture, the horizon is toward the west.