6 Tips Moving Companies Want to Tell You

As the ending of the pre-move preparations wind down, the moving day swiftly approaches. It does not matter how stressful this time has been, there is still more to do around the bend. If you want this time to go as smoothly as possible, you may want to pay close attention to the following 6 things that movers would like for everyone to know.

1 – Complete All Packing Before Moving Day

Unless the owner and their personal helpers have hired a professional moving company to do the packing for them, the moving company will expect all of the packing to be completely finished upon their arrival, including securing cheap moving boxes for storage. In fact, there are many great benefits to making sure everything has been packed and stored in boxes safely. One of the most important is helping to facilitate the time instead of extra problems caused by unnecessary waiting. Therefore, because the moving company and their employees are normally on a strict schedule, these problems may cause whole teams of movers to miss the set deadline.

2 – Valuables Should be Moved and Transported by the Owners

All valuables should be moved and transported by the owners. In fact, at no time should there be an exception to this rule, unless extra insurance has been provided for potential losses. Expensive jewelry, bank cards, cash, important documents electronic equipment, heirlooms, and prescription meds are all classed as valuables that need to be protected personally by the owner versus the movers. Even if the movers are from a very reputable company, this is a standard rule and guideline that should be followed.

3 – Understand the Differences Between Allowable and Non-Alllowable Moving Guidelines, Regulations and Laws

Though the moving company may be given carte blanche in packing up everything in a home or facility on the day of the move, there are still some exceptions to the rule that must be considered well in advance. Meaning not all items in the home or cheap moving boxes are allowable for moving. Instead, certain items cannot be moved or transported by the movers. So, the accommodations for these items must be made prior to and taken care of outside of the scope of the movers. For instance, moving companies cannot transport hazardous, corrosive, explosive or flammable materials. Also, pets and plants are outside of the scope of the move as well.

4 – Boxes Must Labeled Properly

All boxes are not the same so this must be considered prior to moving and transporting the boxes from one place to another. Simply put, all of the boxes should be labeled, including indicating that there are fragile items in the box as well as where the box should be placed after everything reaches its destination.

5 – Keep Pets and Small Children Out of the Way of the Movers

When a moving company arrives at the site of any individual or organization, there are a number of things that will be considered prior to stepping on the grounds. More importantly, the major or primary responsibilities of the mover is to make sure everything that is done in the safest manner as possible. Therefore, small children and pets must be kept out of the way of the movers, especially when they are picking up and transporting large hefty boxes that can injury.

6. Micro Managing the Team is Not Received Well

The primary focus of each moving company is getting the job done well and on time. Also, since this is their expertise, they normally have a certain way that they do their jobs. Therefore, micro managing is never well received by them since they want things to go like clockwork. On the other hand, if the moving company employees have questions, the owner and their helpers should not position themselves too far away.