What's been going on in Math?


Today we celebrated the fact that we have successfully reviewed all of the basic arithmetic skills, addition through exponents, using integers! To celebrate we had a order of operations review. (I don't know if the kids saw this as as much of a celebration as I did!) Most of the class the students were working with partners on a worksheet. They had to add parentheses to different equations in such a way as to make the equations true statements. For example: 5 + 8 X 2 - 4 = 22 would become (5 + 8) X 2 - 4 = 22.


We started by going through our lesson which was mostly about how to estimate and divide using 2 digit divisors. The students ended class with about 15 minutes of working on there 'theater packet'. This worksheet asks many division problems, using a hypothetical movie theater the the students are starting.