What's been going on in class?

Week 7


Today we began class with a descriptive writing exercise. The kids chose 1 of 3 pictures to write about descriptively as if they were there. The goal was to give as many details as possible. We then shared some of the adjectives chosen and looked them up in a thesaurus. We saw all the myriad of words one can use to describe things! This led into a short discussion of similes and metaphors. Next was the computer lab where the kids were typing away at their 'This I Believe' essays. Essentially they are taking 1 or 2 of things things they believe and talking about why they believe it, why they think others would be benefitted if they also believed it. I won't lie it has been a tough one for the kids. Many are started to stretch themselves though! We finished class with independent reading time.


Alright, one week later....I guess it's baby steps to daily consistency! Today I proclaimed this week the week of redo and make up work. First priority was the kids who have not yet turned in their compare and contrast papers. I had them working with Mrs. McGroarty. Another group was working to add entries to their reading journals. The final group was studying the words for the spelling/vocab test on which they did the poorest. We will be retaking spelling tests all this week. If you are concerned about those grades then this is the week to fix it! Some of the kids even kept working during reading time!


We started by reviewing the spelling list for this week. I didn't want to get so focused on retaking spelling tests that we forgot to be ready for this week's test. After that review, we discussed a short story that we read a few days ago called 'Scout's Honor'. It's about 3 city boys who have never seen a forrest who decide to go camping. They believe they were prepared, but end up discovering how unprepared they are as they have some adventures that are less pleasant than they expected. At this point we had a fire drill interrupt class. (The kids did great, calm as cucumbers and listened to directions very well. They didn't even run back in when others were) We ended with free reading. I sure hope the kids are telling you all about what they are reading.