What's been going on in Math?


Today's recipe began with 2 scoops of a multiplication worksheet. From their we beat in a review of a previous assignment on finding area. With the time we had left we added a dash of working on missing assignments and finishing up chapter 4 tests. It all combined for a delicious day of math!

04NOV2019/MON/DAY 51

Today the class continued in their heroic efforts to perform feats of mathematically precision on their chapter 4 test. This test focuses mostly on long division. I have had the first few finishers work on an order of operations sheet while the others are finishing!

24OCT2019/MON/DAY 46

All right, term two! Let's get cracking. Today we started with a review of the class procedures to which I have made a couple minor tweaks. I informed them that their homework each week is going to be an hour of khan academy. (If extenuating circumstances occur that prevent them from accessing a computer, please let me know) They will have 20 to 30 minutes of time on khan academy each week during class which can count towards there homework; this time is conditioned on there keeping an appropriate volume level during the other days of the week. We are working on division story problems. Today we worked on some that are worded particularly strangely. This will be due tomorrow at the end of the class. I'm hoping to have the class ready for a test on Friday or Monday so we can move on to the true adventure of 5th grade, the wonderful world of fractions!

22OCT2019/TUE/DAY 43

Today was much the same as yesterday. The kids seem to being focusing a little better on the packet this time around, and also they are not making as many little calculation mistakes!

21OCT2019/MON/DAY 42

Over the weekend I graded the classes '2 digit divisor long division packets'. Suffice it to say we did poorly. We discussed what the difficulty might have been. Some said that they had not received enough time (2.5 class periods). Others blamed the noise level in the room. Some said that they were having difficulty understanding the packet; lastly there were some whom honestly admitted that they had been too distracted talking to their peers. I've given those who so desire the opportunity to redo the assignment. We have 2 assignments left before the term ends (including the one we are redoing). Hopefully we will finish strong!


To start we solved the problem " A number is divided by 12. When the quotient is multiplied by 15, the product is 270. What is the Number?" After practiced some more division problems with large dividends and 2 digit divisors. We discussed how we are going to use Khan Academy as the year progresses. Finally I let the kids work on Khan Academy.


We started by going through our lesson which was mostly about how to estimate and divide using 2 digit divisors. The students ended class with about 15 minutes of working on there 'theater packet'. This worksheet asks many division problems, using a hypothetical movie theater the the students are starting.


Today we celebrated the fact that we have successfully reviewed all of the basic arithmetic skills, addition through exponents, using integers! To celebrate we had a order of operations review. (I don't know if the kids saw this as as much of a celebration as I did!) Most of the class the students were working with partners on a worksheet. They had to add parentheses to different equations in such a way as to make the equations true statements. For example: 5 + 8 X 2 - 4 = 22 would become (5 + 8) X 2 - 4 = 22.


Today was much the same as yesterday. The kids seem to being focusing a little better on the packet this time around, and also they are not making as many little calculation mistakes!