The People's 5G Petition

This petition was created by citizen volunteers of The Citizens' Forum as a not-for-profit effort to put government and The People in better communication so that the controversy and potential conflict surrounding the issue of 5G can be resolved for the benefit of all.

Is 5G safe or isn't it?

A great many concerned citizens - and this includes medical professionals, scientists and other experts - contend that it isn't.

5G's proponents, on the other hand, contend that it is.

There is far too much at stake for all of us, the consequences of getting this wrong too catastrophic, to treat the issue with a lick and a promise

The matter therefore needs to be fully resolved once and for all, for the good of all. Therefore, we the undersigned respectfully ask Her Majesty's government to do the following:

Immediately hold a thorough, fully impartial, open public inquiry to investigate, find the truth of and make recommendations concerning the precise effects of 5G radiation upon living organisms and the extent to which, if all, it is harmful to health.

On common-sense grounds, the onus - as with any consumer product, device or facility -, should be upon the proponents and suppliers of 5G to prove that it is safe before it reaches the consumer.