Workshop on 5G Edge architecture

About the workshop:

Edge computing will play a significant role in realization of 5G requirements. Edge architecture brings opportunity to optimize resources, provide superior user experience and helps meet the low latency and high bandwidth requirements in a cost-effective manner. The providers of public cloud, enterprise private cloud and Telco cloud are independently evolving edge architecture. The evolution of Cloud RAN architecture with CU (Central Unit) and DU (Distribution Unit) split relies on the distributed architecture at the edge and 5GPP SESAME project, O-RAN Alliance project, M-CORD project etc. have worked out use cases and architecture details with reference implementation. ETSI has evolved the Edge architecture over several years and it is being adopted in 3GPP 5G architecture. There are several open source edge projects like OpenCORD, Akraino, EdgeX Foundry, Home Edge, Edge Virtualization Engine, OpenFog, Apache Traffic Server to name a few. While there are ongoing developments in standards, open source and proprietary platforms, there are considerable challenges in development and deployment of the edge solution. In this full day workshop, we would like to cover different aspects on the Edge architecture bringing together the expert speakers from academia and industry.