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I feel like as Americans we aren’t motivated to go travel our homelands; and I’m not sure if it is just an innately American ideal. I’m not sure what happened but the confines of the continental borders have become mundane and fancy is now for the exotic. How many states have you been to? How many people do you know that have been to all fifty? I myself have only been to about 29 of them, and in one trip I saw 13 of them( New Jersey to Arizona by way of Maryland through Pennsylvania.)

This was my quintessential road trip of my twenties. My On the road, spanning the country to transition into a new life. When traveling America with Airbnb from almost coast to coast you get to see the spectrum of what makes an American. From Pittsburgh to Chicago you feel the cold snaps and utter desolation of Ohio and Indiana. The thoughts jump into your head of Indianapolis saving you from sheer boredom of the long sweeping freshly tilled fields. They roll on for hours.

Or leaving the feeling of freedom as you sneak out of Milwaukee and fly through Nebraska ten hours later, to find more cornfields. And you remember the home in the tight suburb in New Jersey. You remember how big New York City felt, but it is minuscule in comparison.

But plowing into Colorado from the North eastern tip, and remembering classroom discussions of the plains you are now experiencing. Your car rumbles towards the twisting mountains that lead you from Denver to somewhere in Utah.

Then you make a straight b-line to Phoenix. You drive through the deserts, the plain, and you arrive into a city ten days later.

What kept me from going across country before was that I had to get back, who wants to drive for 20 days. But after that trip, I do. When you travel America, when you travel your homeland: the bare basics of it all are seen. You see the lands that men and women died for. You respect the vastness, the same vastness wary eyed pioneers saw. As they left the urbanized eastern coast to parts unknown. You see the tamed rawness of the fields that bring forth splendor. The scars of western expansion lead your from home to home.

If I had a month I would travel America. Arizona to Florida, Florida to Maine, Maine to Washington, Washington to Home. It would take a month, most definitely. However, it would be a month of Mt. Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Vegas, Wrigley Field, Both Disneyworld and Land, all the six fags, the mall of America, The Three Crosses in Iowa, those country roads, and of America.

But when do you get that month break? I am submitting An American Roadtrip for your Go Travel List. If you are unaware of a Go Travel List is, it is an order you give to yourself. And the contents of the list are where you need to go. It is a constant reminder that our time is short, and that short time should be spent traveling.

Now it's a best time to travel more. You can have a comfort during your stay and it's not expensive anymore. Plus we are happy to offer you a AirBnb promo code so you can enjoy your travels little longer. It's a great opportunity to explore world outside as well as see how your inner world will change. With every new journey we experience deep changes which help us understand who we really are and why we here.

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