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Roofing Inspections

561 BUILD Forensic Engineering inspection services can assist you in identifying if your roof has experienced wind or hail damage and identify any past, current, or potential roof leaks. We also provide forensic building science reports and expert witness testimony services. We can determine the cause and origin of building damage and assign a duration based on modern scientific analysis. We also attest to building related damage in a court of law and assist in dispute resolution regarding condominium issues, property insurance claims, or building purchase disclosures.

During this roof inspection, we found roof sheathing nails in the Attic which had missed the wood framing during installation or renailing. Notice the streaks extending down from the nails from the previous leaks. The nails had slowly worked themselves upward and eventually wore through the shingle surface, causing leaks. 561 BUILD's experience and trained eye enabled us to identify this issue before interior water damage became progressively worse and helped the homeowner identify an appropriate repair.

Roof Wind/ Hail Inspection Presentation


Roofing wind damage from Hurricane Wilma

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