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Moisture Surveys

561 BUILD Forensic Building Inspections can find and analyze patterns of high moisture to locate leaking components. Many potential kinds of leaks can expose a home or building to a range of moisture contents. A slow roof drip causes low-volume, intermittent moisture intrusion, while a sudden plumbing leak may result in saturated conditions in affected areas. The built environment also presents a range of substrates that may be encountered.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Our modern equipment and training enable us to inspect your property for hidden conditions that may go unnoticed by occupants. 561 BUILD may detect latent conditions long before damage becomes extensive, averting costly repairs.

On this site assessment, our modern equipment and moisture mapping were able to locate a washer drain leak without removing appliances and walls. The leak was affecting three floors of a luxury condominium and unit owners were able to implement a repair and settle the issue amicably.

Thermal cameras were able to read the surface temperature of the walls. Cooler temperatures may correspond to wet conditions, but may also indicate variations in finishes or concealed building components. As a doctor reading an X-ray, images must be interpreted by a trained professional.


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