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Plumbing Supply Inspections

Some modern shifts in building materials raise causes for concern. CPVC pipes have been widely used in newer home due to their economical price and installation techniques. CPVC is similar to common PVC but rated for hot water use. More recently, flexible PEX pipes were installed in many modern homes. Initially, PEX pipes were known for connection failures and their use was briefly stopped. The connection problems were addressed and PEX is currently being installed in new homes and renovations.

561 BUILD's Forensic Building Inspection services can help you determine what precise plumbing system your home has and identify any present or future concerns.

CPVC plumbing pipe connection drip within wall

Plumbing Drain Camera Inspections

561 BUILD drain camera video inspections precisely record and locate conditions hidden within plumbing drain systems and allow us to diagnose difficult plumbing issues. We also offer electronic leak detection and evaluation of all plumbing related issues.

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