Building Forensics

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561 BUILDING INSPECTIONS Forensic Building Inspection service provides Cause and Origin reports including assigning a precise duration in days, months, or years for a variety of failures from roofing to plumbing or structural to fungal growth. Our innovative building science research enables us to maintain expert status on the forefront in the modern field of forensic sciences.

We ascertain the extent of wind, storm, or hail damage and identify any past or current roof leaks in forensic reports and expert witness testimony services. We determine the cause and origin of damage and assign a real-time duration based on modern scientific research. We attest to building related damage in a court of law and assist in dispute resolution regarding multi-unit condominium issues, property insurance claims, or building purchase disclosures.

Plumbing Inspections

A variety of issues with potable water supply and sanitary waste pipes may arise in the built environment. Hidden water supply line leaks may introduce unwanted moisture into a building. Drain leaks can potentially occur within concealed spaces and damage interior finishes. Plumbing leaks may occur in a variety of locations and depending when the residence was constructed, a variety of problems may be prevalent with the specific materials utilized.

561 BUILDING INSPECTION Forensic Building Inspection services are experts in determining what precise plumbing system your home has and identifying any historic or current leaks.

Plumbing Drain Camera Inspections

561 BUILDING INSPECTIONS drain camera video inspections precisely record and locate conditions within plumbing drain systems and allow us to diagnose difficult plumbing issues. We also offer electronic leak detection and evaluation of all plumbing related issues.


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