Who's Gonna Buy Your Can? ...

Marketing starts with the a couple of obvious question that a producer already knows. What do I have to sell and where are my customers?

I was fortunate ,because, the first thing I did was look at Google Maps and create a 3-mile map. I could make a couple of quick assumptions. 5 campgrounds and lots of lakefront homes.

---- A bit of simple online campground detective work, tells me I have over 600 individual campsites with water & electricity, nearby.----

Now who lives in all of those lakefront homes? that takes a bit more work... But there are some fine people in Missouri who can help. It's the Missouri Census Data Center.


They have a searchable census database where you can put in the latitude and longitude corrordance for the area your searching and see the number of houses, age of the people, education and a bunch of other stuff about your neighborhood.

To put in your pin-point location in the Missouri Census Data Center, simply click on this line below the two empty boxes. Click on the line that reads like on the form - use Google Maps to specify latitude/longitude coordinates.

-- A window will appear, fill in your subject address and the program will do the rest. --

However, if your starting a CSA or selling your offering at a farm Market, simply enter the zip code for your market. A bit easier Right...

The next box to fill out is the one labeled, Enter up to five radius values, separated by blanks, in ascending order:

Enter a number like 3. That represents a three mile circle around the point on your map. If you want to do five miles, just enter 5.

Now in the Table(s) to include in report: box, click on " All Tables." That will give you all the good demographics about your neighborhood.


This is what I gathered about my neighborhood with about two hours of effort.

--- Within Three miles of my farm, are located ---

(The blue dot on the map is our farm)

Angel Cove - 130 campsites

Waffle Farm - 400 campsites

Love’s Lazy Lagoon - 63 campsites

Raymond’s Landing - 70 campsites

1,000 lakefront homes - $57,000 median income

3,700 adults between 45 and 74 yrs old - Median income - $44,000

- 600+ potential customers , weekly -