WAIT !! Read these first

Before you do anything! Read the first two books, first.

Edible Forest Gardens - Volume One

Edible Forest Gardens - Volume Two

by Dave Jacke with Eric Toensmeier

Two book set, $100. Available in PDF format for free.

These two books will save you BIG money and mistakes that may take months to undo. It will be the best $100 bucks that you'll invest in yourself.


Here are two more books that are a great start to your library

Creating a Forest Garden

By Martin Crawford

$30, also available in PDF format for free.

This book covers all the plants of the seven layer forest garden in detail. Huge number of very useful reference tables by plant forest-layer and uses.


Will Bonsall's essential guide to radical, self-reliant gardening.

By Will Bonsall

$35, also available in PDF format for free.

This book is filled with useful tools, tips and how-to's


Making Small Farms Work

By Richard

The first edition was published in 2016, a new revised edition is due out in 2020.

A PDF copy for $3 is available here -


Just remember, we are all learning as we go. This is a grand experiment with many twists, turns.... and surprises.