Grow Bag Garden

Grow Bags are a great way to garden anywhere, grow almost anything, anywhere. Stop by and we will show you how.

Here are just a few examples where anyone, with a 2 foot by 3 foot outdoor space, could grow a garden in a boot tray, a few Root Pouches. The plants never get root-bound, because the roots Air Prune as they emerge through the fabric of the bag. That's good!

Left photo : pepper plant, bush bean, cherry tomato and lettuce in the front. Right photo: there are 15 sweet pepper plants.

Lettuce and chives

The boot trays are 28" x 16" and a 1/2 inch deep. The half inch deep tray is perfect as the water is absorbed by the soil in the bag over 24 hours. We water daily if the bags are dry to the touch. Mosquitoes don't bread in the water because it dries up almost daily.

When it rains, the trays are shallow enough, so the plants don't drown with excessive rain water.

Here is a link to where we but our degradable 1/2 gallon Root Pouches, about a buck each .........

Here is another link to Larry Hall's web page... he's crazy about Grow-Bag-Gardens!