The hard part = MDARD Plan Review

Over the last 6 months, I have spoken to nearly a dozen people who work for MSU or the MDA. So far, and only one person, has any idea how write and complete the commercial kitchen "Plan Review" paperwork. That the Michigan Department of Agriculture requires. And that person he's 250 miles away. This is a challenge!!!

But here is where you can get started .... Keep in Mind that - There are different rules and licensing for retail or wholesale product kitchens. Another set of regulators and rules for meat and dairy product kitchens.

Start with Three the links BELOW if your selling retail (not wholesale) with products that do not involve meat, poultry, dairy or eggs

Food Licensing Step-by-Step Establishment Guide

Fill out a Plan Review Worksheet and Plan Review Application. Be sure to review the plan submission instructions and manual.

Here are the links for almost everything else....