Brandywine Zoo Outreach events

The pod visited Brandywine zoo on August 10, 2017! During the day, we talked to kids about our careers working with animals. Later we attended Family Fun Night where we talked about animal adaptations and how scientists use animal poo!

Animal Careers Camp

Amy presents her work as a primate zookeeper. She works on training, enrichment, and has lots of great stories about working with the animals!

Quinn talks about shore habitat restoration and her work with horseshoe crabs

Kids examine and identify the marine critters Quinn brought for them to see how she builds habitats from whelk shells

Meredith gets the kids thinking about how zoo animals experience the world and her work on zoo animal welfare

The Animal Careers Camp group

Family Fun Night

Valerie and Meredith show off our table at Family Fun Night! We talked to families about animal foot adaptations, the scientific uses of poo, and animal teeth!

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