"Kick-Start Your Social Media Presence Challenge" Get Content Idea of What To Post and When To Post, Social Media Customization and 10x your profit.

Attract More Clients + Make Connections without spamming Friends + Acquire new friends + Kickstart Your Social media present + Activate your revenue stream and boost their income.


Social Media Mastery with AMAKA!

✔️Attract New Clients = Process, see what you have in common, add based on searches, send them friend requests and send them DM.

✔️Kickstart Your Social Media Presence = Looking at what they’re currently doing, adjusting branding, personal profile bio, looking at their brand and sticking to one brand, do’s and don'ts of how to build a social media brand

✔️Activate your Revenue Stream = When you have a list of people who know, like, and trust you, you can find out what they need, and really give them something they want to buy.

It’s Not Your Fault

✔️You can…create more revenue on social media

✔️You Can...have amazing relationships on social media

✔️You can… lead with being yourself not with your product

Accomplish your dreams:

✔️Imagine … having complete clarity on what to look for in a social media marketing plan

✔️Imagine… being in control of your online activities

✔️Imagine… being an authority in your online space

✔️Imagine… knowing what to do daily and the exact steps to do it

✔️Imagine… being confident that your social media presence is visible to your target market.

✔️Imagine.. having confidence you will achieve results

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