Supervision with Josette ten Have-de Labije on 19.11.2017

Registration for supervision lasts from 01.03.2017 till 30.09.2017. or till all places are taken. If there is no more places for supervision, we will inform you on the website. Supervision is addressed to the participants of IV PKP who want to deepen their practical skills in ISTDP. To register for supervision you need to register for the conference and make the payment for conference first.

Supervision will be performed in English and will be translated into Polish.

Participation in supervision is possible in two forms:

- active participation: presentation of the video tape from the session (with English subtitles). Active participation is provided just for ISTDP psychotherapists. The criterion on active participation is completing the ISTDP CT or taking part in ISTDP CT.

Supervision of one case will last 1 hour (45 minutes of direct supervision + 15 minutes for questions and discussion). The fee for active participation in supervision is 260 zł. In the supervision group there will be maximum 6 active participants.

- passive participation: observation of the active supervision. Passive participation is provided for all psychotherapists, apart from the modality of psychotherapy they use. The fee for passive participation in supervision is 180 zł. In the supervision group there will be maximum 25 passive participants.

People interested in supervison are requested for registration by using the link:

and making a payment due to the form of participation. Because of the limit of participants in the supervision group, about the participation in the supervision the order of entries decides. The order of entries means the date of the payment of the supervision fee not the date of registration for supervision.

The fee „active participation in supervision” contains: individual supervison on the background of the group, observation of the supervision of other active participants, coffee breaks and lunch on 19.11.2017.

The fee „passive participation in supervision” contains: observation of active supervison, coffee breaks and lunch on 19.11.2017.

The supervision fee contains taxes.

Bank transfer has to be made in Polish Zloty.

Account holder: Oddział Podlaski PTP, 16-070 Choroszcz, Pl. Brodowicza 1

Bank name: PKO Bank Polski S.A. I ODDZIAŁ BIAŁYSTOK


Account number: PL 65 1020 1332 0000 1102 0036 0495

In the name of the payment please write down your name and surname and the form of participation in supervision: „active participation in supervision” or “passive participation in supervision”.

After fulfilling the registration form and transferring the payment you will get the invoice and e-mail with confirmation of qualification for supervision.

The rules of resignation of participation in supervision:

There is no possibility of refund of the fee, there is no possibility of transfer of participation to the another person.