– EVERY DAY is all that it needs!

The energy of a billion people thinking the same benevolent, compassionate thoughts is profound - they change so much! It's just a matter of getting you together.


4Minutes4Peace =
4 Minutes where everyone on the planet who can stop
- whether it's the day-time or the night-time
- or whether they have to get up in the middle of the night to do it:

That simply means 

Today - and then every day from now.

That works for all religions,

ones see those in trouble as God sees them and love them accordingly
that's all that's all.


You don't have to send them a doctrine, you don't have to send them what you think they need – just ask to send the energy to those in trouble that God sees and wants, as well the Creative Source Spirit / God.


So, when the entire planet starts to focus on that there'll be an awakening of the others. this is profound


It’s time for you to relax that four minutes of sending peace, what does your God say about that your God says do it, do it,

Muslims, Jews, Christians, others – it doesn't matter as the God is the same


It’s time to change things and this is the way it's done.
This has been proven now so many times through the experiments of those who are trying to prove see and know about Collective Consciousness affecting other places!