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Description of the 4Futures event called pre-ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT

please follow the links and the updates of the Facebook discussion and the TALQUE members space: with programme and speakers:

Summer school workshops to be seen as an experimental pre-Entrepreneurship Summit 2019.

THURSDAY - FRIDAY: https://entrepreneurship.de/summit/4futures/

A gathering before, in part during/parallel to the SATURDAY-SUNDAY Entrepreneurship Summit 19.-20. Oct. 2019. https://entrepreneurship.de/summit/highlights/

In times of Fridays4Future, science4future, educators4future, entrepreneurs4future, parents4future, filmmakers4future, …

4futures is about creating, building, negotiating, sharing Spaces and Futures that Matter. A good reason to present above: "What really Matters" and "Matters of Consequences": http://benking.de/ExtraOrder/challenge.html

It is not only about Fridays4Future as "wake-up" calls, but looking back and forward, micro- and macroscopically, across systems, scales, sectors, times, patterns, fields, cultures, languages, ... to make differences that matter.

This kick-off experimental event is about design and implementation of possible, positive Futures. Based on the concept of ENTREPRENEURSHIP we think about socio-, cultural-, civic-, creative-, and systems /holistic Entrepreneurship.

How we make a difference in gatherings and learn what practitioners do but often can not find words for...

In the OPEN-SPACE OPEN-FORUM Format we have been testing deep encounters, match-making since 10 years at the Entrepreneurship Summit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZVqpL_CoN8

Beside open surprise pitches, we invite some movers and shakers, expertise around systems, education, values, production, gardening, agriculture, forestry, ...

Profiles at https://www.entrepreneurship.de

One overall scheme is outlined here: "What is Systems Entrepreneurship"? Is this a new trendy term? So let's look into what it does, and how, to make a difference: https://www.relaio.de/wissen/system-entrepreneurship-zeit-umzudenken/

or check: “Systems Entrepreneur: Defining the Role of Community Quarterback” von Bryce Butler https://link.medium.com/KdVzyxeo0Z

Some contributors:








IMPACT Journey, Anna Blume DYCLE.org

et us discuss German political leaders and mindsets: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=667543333745930





SEEDS OF CHANGE - since 1996: http://benking.de/cob/viewsletter-seeds-of-change.html

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My (Heiner Benking) personal motivation and thoughts are drafted: here: