Math 45 - Preparation for Statistics

Hybrid (Online and Face-to-Face)

Dear Online Students,

Welcome to Math 45 - Preparation for Statistics! This section is a hybrid course that requires a face to face class every Tuesday of the Spring Semester in MUB 255 from 4:10-6 pm. Our face to face meetings will be in a computer lab where we will practice making and analyzing graphs with a computer software program, and occasionally taking exams.

The majority of the course will take place on the learning management system Canvas. You can login to Canvas at the following link: To login, you will need your CCSF Id (usually begins with a 'W' or '@') and your RAM ID password. If you do not have a RAM ID password or you need help logging in, you can visit this link. If you are still having difficulties with logging on after visiting that link, then you can go to the Online Course Support Center or contact me at If you are new to Canvas, please watch the following video to orient yourself with the system: You should have also gotten a welcome email from the Distance Learning department recently that has helpful information.

Math 45 exists to prepare students for taking taking college-level statistics. At CCSF that means Math 45 gets your ready for Math 80, Psyc 5, Econ 5, or LALS 5. I only consider my work teaching this class a success AFTER you pass a college-level statistics course. You should expect to spend about 10 hours a week on the material for this course, not including the 2 hour per week face to face class.

Math 45 works The good news is that since 2011, when we began teaching Math 45 at CCSF, students starting in Math 45 are on average more than twice as likely to complete college-level statistics than students starting at the beginning of the algebra sequence. If you want to be successful in statistics, Math 45 is the right place for you.

Math 45 does not transfer and does not satisfy the CCSF math graduation requirement Remember that the point of Math 45 is to make sure you pass statistics. And statistics does transfer and does meet the CCSF math graduation requirements. So, when you pass statistics, Math 45 has helped you reach both goals.

Math 45 is an online hybrid course In my opinion, a hybrid online course gets the best of both worlds. You get the flexibility of learning and working online, while still having regular access to an instructor and the community of other students in the class.

That said, the online portion of the course requires a different set of skills than a face-to-face class. To assess your readiness for the online portion of the course, I strongly recommend that you take an online readiness assessment — click here to take the online readiness assessment (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

The F2F part of the class is required In addition to the online portion, we will meet once per week — every Tuesday, from 4:10 - 6 PM, in MUB 255.

How to succeed in this class The most important thing you can do to succeed in this class is do all your assignments on time. Coming to class, helps, but even if you miss a day or two you can still do well, as long as you do all your work on time.

Second most important thing to do is get help when you need it. That means asking me questions, working with classmates or friends, going to tutoring, searching the internet -- whatever it takes. Getting help means going ahead of time so that you get your work done on time.

Drop Policy Active participation and completing your work is the key to success in this class (and most classes). To emphasize that and to get you in the habit of working every week, I will drop you if you don’t complete the weekly homework on time for each of the first three weeks of the class.

I will also drop you if you don’t attend the first three (3) face-to-face classes.

Accommodations If you need special accommodations I am happy to help. Please contact the Disabled Student Services and Programs (DSPS): Phone: (415) 452-5481 Web: