Basketball Timer

For FitBit Ionic, Versa, Versa Lite, and Versa 2.

Download from the FitBit Gallery

Timer for basketball:

  • Game Clock: period length selectable from 0-60 minutes; tenths of a second displayed last minute
  • 30 and 20 shot clocks
  • 60 and 30 second time-outs
  • home / visitor score tracking

Application settings:

  • Show/Hide shot clock
  • Right button actions:
    • Shot Clocks : top right button starts a 30s shot clock; bottom right 20s shot clock
    • Game Clock: top right starts Game Clock; bottom right stop Game Clock

To Use:

  • tap a score (upper right/left) to add one point to score (if you need to "fix" a score, tap the battery%)
  • tap 30 or 20 to start a 30s or 20s shot clock
  • tap Game clock to start/stop Game Clock
  • if the Game Clock runs down to 0.0, tap it to reset to your previous period duration
  • If the game clock is stopped w/ time on a shot clock, the shot clock will be resumed if the game clock is started; to start a new shot clock, tap the shot clock
  • If a shot clock reaches zero and the game clock continues to run, the background color on the shot clock is changed and a haptic feedback is given, and then a 30 second shot clock is started on the next second
  • Reset - stops game clock and resets shot clock
  • tap 60 or 30 to start a full or 30s timeout


  • The timer uses actual clock time, so while the clock is running you may experience seconds that are not displayed - this is because the while the timer interval on the watch is set to be 0.1 seconds, it reality the watch does NOT tick every 0.1 seconds - it takes a bit longer to process, so when the timer eventually lags by 1 second, that time is made up.

Recommended settings:

  • Vibrations - strong
  • While a timer is running, the display will remain on for Ionic and Versa/Versa Lite. For Versa 2, the display will timeout according to your settings and the timer will continue to run. Recommend a display timeout=60 if using the Shot Clocks.