3M Club Golf Leagues


3M Club Women’s 9 Hole Golf League (Evenings)


League play is offered on two nights:

  • Mondays and Thursdays at Prestwick Golf Course (Green Fees- $26)

The season starts in May and runs through mid-August. Tee times are typically from 4:44 – 5:40pm.


  1. The play each week is a handicapped nine-hole match play with organized teams.
  2. Teams are formed at our Kick-Off Meeting. An effort is made to form teams with handicaps of all levels to allow matched handicaps during play.

Need more information? Contact Jen Aamodt at jaamodt@mmm.com


  1. I don’t know my handicap, can I still join? Of course, we ask you to estimate your 9-hole score and calculate an initial handicap with that. Over the course of the season, our handicap calculator will adjust your handicap to the appropriate number.
  2. I’ve never played in a league, would I be welcome? We like to see new golfers in our leagues. The Cimarron league on Tuesdays is perfect if you would like to test out a golf league but feel overwhelmed by a standard length golf course. If that isn’t your style, we welcome new golfers on the other nights as well.
  3. I wouldn’t be able to make the early tee times, can I always get a later tee time? Although we can’t guarantee it, you can let your captain know that you need the later tee time and your preference can usually be accommodated.
  4. Are non-3Mers welcome? Yes.

Need more information? Contact Sara Hemmer at sehemmer@mmm.com

3M Club Men’s 9 Hole Golf League (Evenings)

3M Club Men's 9 Hole Golf League is welcoming returning and new (men or women) members! We play Monday through Wednesday evenings, end of April through the end of August, at five local golf courses:

  • Monday at Eagle Valley (Green Fees - $25.00; Cart - $6.00)
  • Tuesday at Prestwick (Green Fees - $25.00; Cart - $10.00)
  • Tuesday at Oak Marsh (Green Fees - $18.50; Cart - $10.50)
  • Wednesday at Manitou (Green Fees - $21.00; Cart - $10.50)
  • Wednesday at Stoneridge (Green Fees - $27.00; Cart - $11.00)

Players may join and golf on one or more evenings and can specify if they would like to join with others on a team. A player will join an evening and then play that course based on a schedule that is assembled by the league secretary. Play is a combination of match and stroke play. We all know that people are busy, so there is always a healthy pool of substitute players if something arises that prohibits you from playing. All player skillsets are wonderfully welcome. For more information, please contact Joel Bradley at 651-733-9075 or send an email: jjbradley@mmm.com