3 Dads FN Around Episodes

  • While drinking watermelon rum we learn that Paul is probably autistic . Lefty is not afraid to say "analingus". Murray tells us where to place our pineapples.

  • While drinking a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Lefty thinks about punching Murray (for a minute). Murray is proud of his blue raspberry UV Vodka and Sprite. Paul is just playing Legos in the corner.

  • While drinking a skunky Modelo Lefty talks about owning his 10 year old son on the basketball court. Murray wants to know when he should have "the talk" with his son. While drinking Big Foot Paul reveals he is actually married to Sally Jessie Raphael.

  • The guys get fuzzy while talking about daddy daughter dances, and bowling with pre-preschoolers. Murray recounts witnessing a horrible sport accident from high school.

  • Lefty's boy attempt to send e-mail to sexy words. Murray's boy hides piles of trash next to the house, and Paul's boy pees on laundry.

  • Lefty can't believe that Murray thinks Karate Kid is a bullshit movie franchise. Lefty explains how he got busted for DUI while on probation for another DUI. Murray describes being so drunk he almost dies in his own bathtub. Paul won't shut the fuck up about bourbon : (

  • The first one, but our amateur equipment was kinda a crappy, so this one was not broadcast until now. In this episode we hear about Murray's first fiance', the preacher's daughter, and learn that Lefty will not date women that use needles for meth. We are drinking Pumpkin Captain w/apple cider, and Coors beer.

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