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Murray Christmas Delgado: murray@3dfna.com is a loved man who works for the man. Married, has a teen who sports. Likes to eat, drink, cook and party. By party he means looking at the stars by a fire.

Lefty J: lefty@3dfna.com Half crazy, happily married dude with two kids & a doppelgänger dog. Homeboy loves to smoke meats & brew beers. Also has an unnatural passion for superstar celebs from the 1980’s such as Suzanne Somers & Richard Mulligan

Producer Paul : show@3dfna.com He has a beautiful wife, a teen daughter, a four year old boy and a toddler. Paul loves to party with Murray and eat all of Lefty's meat. Paul is a KNOW IT ALL. He will speak his truth, provides really good facts, but it's up to you to choose what to believe.

Lefty Murray

Producer Paul

Sif or Lefty?