3D Printer


3D printer is used in wide range of engineering and manufacturing process. A plastic toy making company can use 3D printer to production process directly. In Bangladesh, there is no 3D printer manufacturer. Locally available 3D Printer are imported and costly. In this project, manufacturing process of 3D Printer has been discovered. Manufacturer who wants to produce 3D printer can use this document for their purpose.  


This is an Arduino based project. Any file from Solid Work can be printed using this printer. Object size should be less than 15cm X 15 cm.  Printer working principle is similar to modern CNC machine. Following is the flow chart of printing procedure. 

Lab report.pdf
ME366 1.pptx


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This project was shown in "ME 366 : Electro-Mechanical System Design And Practice" Organised by Department of Mechanical Engineering, BUET