3-Card Blind Metashape Tournament

Shape the Metagame with dynamic bans in this 3CB Tournament



3-Card Blind is a popular Magic: The Gathering play-by-forum format. A tournament organizer (me!) is secretly given a decklist of three cards by each participant. Then, these decks battle it out in a full-information, perfect-play environment!

Read this article for a more detailed explanation (note that we do not use life total as a tie-breaker here).

You can find more information under the Rules tab, or click here to see an example.

 What is Metashaping?

Most MtG formats are defined by the legality of the sets and cards which are allowed to be used. 3-Card Blind usually follows a similar principle and a banlist is provided by the organizer.
In this Metashaping event, the initial banlist will consist only of conspiracy, ante and un-cards. Each Round, the top 4 finishers will have a chance to ban a card from their deck for the next Rounds. Once 50 cards have been banned, the top 4 will instead replace one of the older bans.

You can see the current banlist here.

How do I participate?

If registration is open, just submit your deck; make sure you don't use any of the banned cards. Registration is usually open for 5 to 7 days every 15 days, so just come back next week if it is not open yet!

After all decks have been submitted, you will be assigned a group. You have to calculate how your deck performs against the other decks in your group and then submit your results. You will have about a week to do so.

If you have any questions just hit me up on Reddit at u/Lognu.