Weight Loss Tips

Do you want to lose weight quickly?

There are many people who want to lose weight. This should preferably be done as quickly as possible, but how do you do that? And is it healthy? 3 week diet fasting to lose weight in 3 weeks Read here the possibilities and the advantages and disadvantages of possible diets.

Why (fast) weight loss

Almost everyone who wants to lose weight naturally wants it as quickly as possible. Most people who want to lose weight are women. The fashion image is still thin though fortunately more and more full models are used. Yet it is true that many women and young girls see thin models and want to be thin themselves. Of course there are also men and women who are just too heavy and therefore want (and have to) lose weight, or people who, for example, want to lose a few pounds less after the holidays.

Fast weight loss

To lose weight, the body has to burn more energy than it receives. You can achieve this by eating less and exercising more. The less energy the body receives, the more the reserves are addressed and the faster you lose. You can also quickly lose weight by limiting the amount of carbohydrates. You can also choose meal replacements.

Crash diet

In a crash diet you limit the amount of calories that you ingest enormously. As a result, you naturally fall off quickly. The advantage of a crash diet is that you quickly lose weight. But there are also disadvantages. By getting very few calories the body goes into a kind of low-energy mode, the metabolism goes down and the body turns energy faster into fats. You also get too few nutrients and you can get shortages. When you have reached the desired weight and return to normal eating, you often come back faster and because your body is still in a state of lowering, you often end up even more than you first weighed. This is also called the yo-yo effect. A crash diet is not recommended despite the fast effect.

Examples of a crash diet are:

Hospital diet

Yogurt diet

Juice diet

Sonja baker (according to some dietitians)

diets to lose weight fast

Low carbohydrate diet

With a low-carbohydrate diet you limit the amount of carbohydrates that you ingest so that the body turns into fat burning. The body uses energy as first carbohydrates, then fats and finally proteins. When the carbohydrates are gone, the body must burn fat and you will lose weight. Because the diet is fat and high in protein, you have a long-lasting saturated feeling. You can also eat plenty of food with this diet and you will not have hunger.

The brain can not do without carbohydrates, so it is important to get some carbohydrates. These will come from the vegetables you can eat and some other products. In this diet, mainly meat, fish, cheese and vegetables are eaten in the initial phase. Fruit, bread, dairy, potatoes, rice and pasta can not be eaten. After the initial phase of 2 weeks, more carbohydrates can be added slowly, such as fruit and dairy. The content and rules may differ per diet, which always corresponds to the limitation of carbohydrates. Also, these types of diet are seen as a lifestyle and not really a diet, yet you can use it as a diet and then start eating "normally" again. Of course you run the risk that you will arrive again.

Benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet are:

You absolutely do not have to go hungry

Easy to keep full

You can often eat many tasty things

You fall off quickly

No muscle breakdown (if diet is properly followed)

healthy diet plan

Disadvantages can be:

In the beginning you can not eat bread, fruit, dairy, potatoes, rice and pasta

Sometimes you have to be creative to make a nice meal

Eating out can be a little more difficult

You have to take a multivitamin to prevent shortages

There are several providers of low-carbohydrate diets, some examples are:


South beach

Mayo diet

Heller program

Dr frank diet

Sonoma diet

Protein diet

Be in shape

Low carb diet

Meal replacements

You can also follow a diet with meal replacements. With meal replacements you limit the amount of calories that you ingest and you fall off. It is recommended to replace 2 meals. The advantage of meal replacements is that it is easy and because all nutrients are in it you will not get any shortages. The disadvantage is that if you are at your desired weight and return to eating normally you can come back again because your diet has not changed.

Examples of meal replacements are:




Cambridge diet

Weight care


To lose weight you need to get less energy than you use. Rapid weight loss due to a crash diet is not recommended, this can be counterproductive. With all diets, you have a chance to come back again if your original diet has not changed. With a low-carbohydrate diet you can lose weight without being hungry and meal replacements can also be an easy solution to follow a diet.