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Whey Proteins for Muscle Building and Fat Burning

Whey proteins or also known under the English name Whey proteins have gained popularity over the years. Initially it was only used as a muscle strengthening tool for bodybuilders but nowadays we see it more and more used by athletes and athletes on every level. But what exactly are whey proteins? What are the benefits?

What are whey Proteins?

Milk consists of two proteins, namely casein and whey. In the production of cheese the whey is separated from the casein and the whey is actually seen as a residual product. In the past it was thrown away as waste but further research has shown that this lactose-poor whey is a full-fledged protein and contains nine essential amino acids..

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Previous studies have already shown that whey protein has healing properties in the fight against inflammation in cancer patients. Today, this protein is considered important by many scientists in the research into reducing the risk of many diseases. There are already reports that whey proteins have a positive influence on the regulation of metabolism and that it would be an additional treatment for many symptoms including unwanted weight loss due to certain diseases.

Nowadays the whey protein is promoted as a dietary supplement. In the alternative medicine world there have been many complaints about this because they assume that not only the casein is responsible for a lactose intolerance, but that the whey protein would also be responsible for this. The general attitude towards this protein has changed over the years. Initially it was only used by bodybuilders but nowadays athletes at every level seize this muscle strengthening agent. It is known as a full source of proteins that contains all nine essential amino acids that the body can easily digest.

When we talk about qualitative proteins, whey protein is one of the better sources for people working on fat burning and muscle building. This is due to the strong ability of our body to absorb these proteins compared to other sources. Because of its powder form, it is also very useful to prepare in shakes.

Will you be fat with whey Proteins?

It is important to know that all different macro-nutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) will lead to an increase in body weight in case of excessive intake. The body can only consume a limited number of calories per day, so an excess of calories will inevitably lead to weight gain. So although this product is very useful for athletes and athletes to create the desired physique, it is not a magical ingredient that will produce the perfect body. People who want to lose weight will nonetheless have to exercise a lot to get rid of excess kilos.

However, there are no studies or scientifically proven evidence that whey proteins cause an increase in body weight compared to other types of food. So it is no certainty that you are effectively fat by these proteins. The rule is the same as with other foods, regardless of what you eat, excess makes you fat.

Still, there are assumptions that say that whey effectively stimulates the body to store more fat because the insulin level will increase more in comparison with other protein-rich foods. However, when we talk about balanced diet, we also see that the insulin level is determined by the total amount of energy consumed in relation to the total energy used. Generally speaking, we can state that the rise and fall of the insulin level in the blood is not relevant as people consume more carbohydrates which lead to a higher insulin level compared to whey proteins.

As long as the whey supplements are consistent with your fitness program, you will not get tired of it. It is of course important to use an active lifestyle in combination with these supplements in order not to create excess weight.

Benefits of whey protein powder

There is no single supplement that can match the benefits of unprocessed, natural foods. Although it is proven that whey protein is a convenient and easy source of protein for people who live an active life. In addition, these proteins offer many other benefits for our health:

Expanding the muscle mass and increasing strength during exercise.

Helping with weight loss with the focus on fat burning and maintaining muscle mass.

Increasing the glutathione level is one of the most important antioxidants of the body.

Reducing certain forms of cancer and preventing unwanted weight loss as a result of cancer treatment.

Reducing the triglyceride level.

Reducing the symptoms that show up after a workout and reduce the recovery time.

Slow down the progression of HIV symptoms and prevent unwanted weight loss associated with this disease.

Improve various functions of the immune system.

Increasing the HDL (good cholesterol) and lowering the total cholesterol level.

Increasing the immune response against asthma.

Reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Risks in Excess

for most people who eat well and exercise sufficiently, there is no evidence of adverse side effects that may crop up. However, some people may make an allergic reaction to whey proteins or experience other negative reactions after an overdose. The most common complaints in this case are: quick weight loss solutions

Stomach pain and cramps




Decreased appetite