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Aiming to give the community a place to easily search, multi-dimensionally compare and accurately select the best products/services that best suit their needs. 2TOP was born to concretize that.


As the name suggests, 2TOP is the leading platform that specializes in researching and creating top lists in all areas of life.

For over 3 years, we have been one of the largest and most comprehensive product/service review sites on the web, with tens of thousands of reputable reviews and ratings. We are very different from regular product/service review websites in displaying the group of product/services rationally that is easier for you to find and select valuable information.

While we may have researched thousands of products/services in one category, we will show you the best options. No one has time to experience and try hundreds of products/services in an industry. Therefore, our reviews are the perfect combination of product comparison, professional analysis and industry data so you can find the product/service that best suits you.

We know everyone’s demands are different. We know the product has many separate functions, the service has a lot of information that you cannot understand yet, so it is not easy to make the right choice. The good news is we’ll show you a variety of conformable options that have been researched, reviewed and ranked as one of the best ones for you.


Currently, the market for product/service supply is quite complex, consumers are confused with the business tricks and false advertisements so they find it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Therefore, choosing a product/service in any industry is always a hard work.

It would be great if you could buy all the products you need, take them home, try and return the ones you don’t want, or even try a service in multiple places and then choose the best place. However, that’s only in fairy tales. Most of us don’t have the time or money to make it come true.

And that is why 2TOP was born. We do reviews, research and rate products/services so you won’t go through this process.


We have brought together a team of researchers and evaluators who have professionally trained skills. They are responsible for entering the market, getting information, researching and making reviews on a wide variety of products/services.

Our assessment approach can be described like this:

We let our team access the market (such as places where you shop, where you experience services); participate in online forums, follow trends, stay up-to-date with industry news and keep an eye out for new products/services. Besides, our research team also seeks people who have used products and services to get information and assessment most objectively.

After that, our research team will discuss together, based on the collected data to identify and select products/services that are potential. The group’s choices are based on a set of criteria including authority, popularity, ratings from customers, etc. Sometimes, it takes us a month to evaluate whether a product/service is worthy of being included in 2TOP or not.

Once the research and evaluation are completed, the final list of 2TOP is given, our editors proceed to carefully edit and present (focus on each spelling error) before officially publishing on the website 2TOP.org.

In some cases, when a product/service sample has no information, we will buy it and use it as a normal customer to make an assessment. With available product/service information, our research team will begin a thorough evaluation, covering most of the customer’s wondering. This ensures we can identify and communicate the strengths and weaknesses of each product/service in a way that means much to you.

Also, we use a system (several complex algorithms) and private secrets in the information assembling process so the data is most accurately recorded and ranked.


The three criteria that we always aim at when evaluating are OBJECTIVITY, FULLNESS and ACCURACY to bring you the best choices, which is best suited to your needs.

We seriously put your interests first. Therefore, we keep the research team (our reviewers) and the products/services owners separate and unrelated to each other.

Source: https://2top.org/about-us

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