When 2 Become 3

Preparing your Partnership for Baby

Upcoming Dates - 2020

18 January - Completed.

NEXT: 10 October - 12:30 - 17:00

Where: Workshops are held at Geboorte in Praktijk, Westerdok 808, Amsterdam.

Email us at adapt2love@gmail.com to register or with any questions!

🎶 Let’s talk about sex and baby. Let’s talk about a new reality.

Let’s talk about all the challenges and solutions that can be.

Let’s talk about love. 🎶

We welcome a new baby into our lives with excitement. We've looked forward to loving them and becoming a family. And yet, it is essentially a guarantee that entering the postpartum period and becoming parents will, at least at times, be a significant source of stress and strain on your partnership. There are many causes for the stress that grows between parenting partners. Although they are predictable, and perhaps even inevitable, we receive little warning and even less help in handling these stresses.

As postpartum professionals and parents ourselves, we are excited to offer this unique workshop to new families. We are three postpartum professionals passionate about helping families to thrive:

Our aim is to help you to open a constructive and continuing dialogue with your partner about your new journey together as parents. We will together discuss realities, expectations, and many tools and resources to help support you in the first year postpartum. The workshop will be interactive, with us leading exercises and conversations between couples. And it will be fun!

The focus of the workshop will be broken up into 3 main areas:

  • Taking care of baby

  • Taking care of mom

  • Taking care of each other

We expect all couples to register as a couple, with both partners attending. We will focus heavily on just how instrumental and involved dad (and all non-birthing partners) will be.

Together, we will explore expectations and realities around sleep, feeding, babywearing, postpartum recovery, sex, stress, communication, and conflict management. We will practice and send you home with important mindfulness practices and communication exercises. Our goal is to provide you with a toolbox of resources and knowledge that will leave you feeling confident and ready to enter parenthood TOGETHER as a team.

Who should take this workshop: This workshop is designed to best prepare expecting couples. However, families that are already in the newborn phase or plan to have more children in the future would certainly benefit as well. Because we want both partners fully engaged and interacting we ask that you arrange care for your children at home.


Importance of Dads


Conflict Management




Postpartum Recovery


Advanced registration is required as space is limited. Couples must attend together.

Tuition is €95/couple.

Healthy snacks and tea included. All couples will receive a packet of exercises, notes, and resources, as well as a follow-up pdf with links to further resources and provider recommendations.

Indicate your intention to register HERE and we will email you email you an invoice. Or email us at adapt2love@gmail.com to register or with any questions!

Registration is not complete until your tuition has been paid. 75% of tuition is refundable until 10 days prior to class beginning.