Day 3

Cardboard X-Mas Tree Construction

This project is a blast and one for students to really get engaged in some serious engineering thinking.

All instructions are provided below, but if you are like most of us you won't have the perfect cardboard for the measurements. Students will have to problem solve to scale the tree to a size that works for the materials they have available.



  • 44 Makedo scru or scru XL
  • 1 scrudriver
  • 1 safe-saw
  • 16 pieces of cardboard

Extension Ideas

  • The design can be scaled to suit available material. (Scaling math standards fit here quite nicely)
  • This project is suitable for enhancement using DIY electronics or other decorative elements.
  • Can you add LED's
  • Can you incorporate Makey Makey?
  • Can you incorporate Hummingbird Robotics?
  • Can you add Circuit Playground?

Bonus Makedo Holiday Ideas

Project Submissions

Coffeechug Tree

Bellevue, Iowa

Bellevue, Iowa

Students made LED sewable ornaments

Students made LED sewable ornaments