240design/architects has provided wide range of design, not only architecture itself ac.
Because, architecture is not just a building but also all those creative processes thinking space, time, and human activities are all architecture in a broad sense, we believe. Plus, we would like to present some attitude to the society, innovative thinking, suggestions, statements, and possibilities for better future through those projects.

Archived works (chronological) 

西尾通哲建築研究室 はこれまでにいわゆる建築だけではなく広い意味でのデザインを提供してきました.建築は単なる建物ではなく,空間・時間・人間の活動を考えるこれらあらゆる創造のプロセスも広い意味で建築であると私たちは信じているからです.加えて,これらのプロジェクトを通して,社会に対するある種の態度,革新的な考え方,提案や声明,そしてより良い未来への可能性を提示したいと考えています.

Tuning/Minimum Intervention #01 (2023)

Tuning a room, using existing potentials without any construction. Just adding a little amount of fabrics and also stacking detached sliding doors as platforms. 

Gallery T (2021)

A renovation plan old residential space to a contemporary gallery

Piece of Hiroshima (2020)

This is a first product comes from "hiroshimagraphy". A wooden puzzle named "Piece of Hiroshima". 

This puzzle can make all alphabet letters and numbers, plus some hiragana, katanaka, and kanji as well. You can take a picture of the shape and letters you made, then share it with the world with hashtag 

# hiroshimagraphy

# ひろ島グラフィ

This is made from wood from Hiroshima and made by skilled craftsman in the city as well. 

It has been stocked at Tamuro Wood Company and the souvenir shop at Hiroshima Rest House in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

wood, natural painting

notebook? AA3/ "not so much 001" (2020)

Is this a notebook? was made from bunch of papers delivered to protect things in cardboard boxes.

"not so much"

is a label given to our new product series represents an attitude which is related to find alternative point of view into daily products, using recycled material, useless things, and so on. 

trashed papers, stapler needle

Saudade (2018)

A tiny house for one person with a dog. The one rectangle and triangle shape make space to be extended with similar figures. 

Hiroshimagraphy (2018)

An abstract shape from the top view of Hiroshima city. Each piece of the triangle is an island divided by 6 rivers run through the city, and we found those can make letters of Western alphabet and some Japanese characters as well. We will provide products and workshops using this shape and has put it for open source as long as educational use and so on, not for commercial use.

Selected in the exhibition "Hiroshima Brand 2018" held by Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art 

Special Site

W headquarter BLDG (2016)

A headquarter building which has warehouse, logistic department, and general office rooms. The glass door can be opened and the louver frames in front of the window control sun light and the breeze coming along the river.

participated as a design architect for CAF architects, 

MARENI (2016)

Re-thinking how we can feel time. They kiss twice a day. You just see the flow of time, it's always flowing and never come back again.

ABS resin plate, clock movement, batteries

Tuning: Akariya Showroom refurbish (2015)

A retail showroom refurbish. Peering the old floor vinyl tiles and revealing the concrete floor with coating clear urethane painting. Plus, selected seatings and made a original counter-desk for worker.

Collaborate with Fujimoto pro.

Garden of the sky/ Kimita Sora-no-niwa/ OGINAU (2015)

Renovation plan. The existence restroom was required to be doubled WC equipments for increasing visitors here in the roadside station in Kimita town, Miyoshi city, Hiroshima prefecture. New WCs were put along the outside wall of existence building, then it was covered with timber louver wall and glass roof.

Students' work

Tomoya Morishita,

Hitoshi Shimizu,

Saki Nishikori,

Yuhei Hashi,

Kazuya Masui,

Kento Migita

240design was involved as director for practical design process.
It was published at Shinkenchiku May 2015 issue

Järvi (Lake) (2015)

Exhibition works. We uncovered the first layer of plywood as the shape of lake, as Aalto did for another work.

@Actus Hiroshima on March 2015

Retouch to “Stool#60″ the famous one designed by Alvar Aalto.

Hiroshima Green Wreath (2014)

Image drawing and wire wreath covered with strings for the exhibition for Christmas wreath exhibition at TowerRecords Hiroshima.

@TowerRecords Hiroshima

wire, green strings

Since I don't have any vase, (2013)

"I decided to put it, the flower I'd been given, into a glass since I don't have any vase in my room. Then, I wanted to display it nicely so I put some of ice cubes into there too.

The flower, stood among those ice cubes. After a while, ice cubes collapsed with making tiny sounds, and then the flower lost the support and slanted a little bit."

Exhibition work for "Vase", which held in a corner of the interior shop "Pencil" with group of designers. We designed some ice-cube shaped transparent resin that can be used for a structure to keep a flower supporting, with any type of cup or glass you already have.

transparent resin, 20x26x30mm 

Tube (2013)

A house which has two side opening to the city. Just like tunnel or tube.

Monolith (2013)

The glass walls and solid doors.

My Wall (2013)

Studio renovation. The punching mesh metal sheet is framed and hung on the wall as like artwork. It allows you to hang any stuffs you have, to display your favourites.

Reflection/ Inside Out Space 02 (2013)

The series of design that some rooms has roof shape and it makes space inside out. 

Garden/Room (2013)

Renovation plan. "3LDK", which means 3 bedrooms, Living, Dining, wc, and a corridor connects them, is one standard plan in Japanese flat. We did read the plan carefully then we decided nothing to demolish. Just adding some sort of identify for re-united  3 rooms, then it has inside out feeling like 3 rooms in the garden.

Laurel Wreath (2012)

Original lighting design for exhibition. It was taken place around Christmas season, so we dedicated it to visitors as a laurel wreath just like an Olympian does.

A4 bench (2012)

A4 paper size (even A3 is also available) bench, flat-packed with 4 sheet of thin MDF.

Media Park (2011)

A presentation for the cleaning factory of professional baseball team in the city. We suggested the architecture should be a screen to show people the matches. 

participated as a design architect for Ryojyu-Kosan

Hiroshima Olympic Design Charette (2010)

A hypothetical vision for Hiroshima city if the city had been nominated as a 2020 Olympic city. 15 group of architects were gathered all around from Japan, mostly from Tokyo, for this workshop. Our team had presented two interventions for the city. 

1 Concentric Circles

One is the way to express the distance of the athlete from the ground zero which the point once the atomic bomb exploded in 1945, by changing pavement material, and using zebra crossing figure.  

2 Invisible Sphere above Hiroshima

And another one is the regulation that every new building for this Olympic has to have an invisible sphere which once the city had experienced by the blast and extremely bright light with radiation by the atomic bomb explosion. And the building shape should be describe with lacking a part of the building by this invisible sphere. However we can be connect through this invisible sphere and it can overwrite the city status with the most exciting sports event in the world. That's a hope of this city.

Tenbin (2010)

Tenbin, it means balance. A bulb is at one side and the stone is at other side. You can adjust the place bind the code. 

Crystal Forest (2009)

Installation. The unit of three bamboo columns are jointed top and bottom as self standing structure. 

Inside Out Space (2009)

Renovation plan. Each room has a shape of roof. Then it emphasise the perception the rest of space can be seen as outside even though it is still inner space.

Le jardin sur la table (2009)

Installation. A table for outdoor can be a planter pod too. You might be able to have a fresh salad if you nip off the leaves.

Corners (2009)

Renovation plan. Some half way walls divide space gradually but not completely. You can find many corners in the space instead of closed rooms.

Tripod Table (2008)

A table which has tripod legs. You can keep the table precisely flat even the floor was not flat.

CENA (2007)

Installation work. Glass table and white fabric as a big lamp.

Salon de Trois (2007)

Floating frames in front of string curtains.

Children's Corner (2007)

A tiny renovation plan underneath the stair case as a child play corner in the kinder garden.

FOLD (2007)

A single family house located the site in the middle of mountain opening towards south. The house was designed as folding the spaces include two private rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and entrance. it was folded, then it made the rest of space a living room.

Indirect Table Stand/ NERO (2006)

OFF: when it contacts to the wall
ON: when it is off the wall

Table light / Product

iF product design award 2009
11th Hiroshima Good Design Award
DAIKO lighting design Awarded
DST-36254L (white)  DST-36255L(black)
manufacturing by DAIKO electronic co,ltd.

1/4 Table (2006)

Divided table with one leg. In general the size of dining table can't expand along with the life stage of habitants. If you need a big one, then you will have to consider how should you handle with older one. This table system has different size of them and you can joint 4 tables together with any 2 sizes of pairs. And then previous one can be used as the corner table in your private room, for example. 

White Square (2006)

A renovation plan. Center of the room is going to be a void. Just as like a court, or even open space in a city. The space is a possibility, it depends on inhabitant's need. The generosity of the space.

Unordinary Houses (2005)

#1 House of "seed"

#2 House of "room"

#3 Chipped house

#4 House of gardens

#5 Ruler house

A picture book

Exhibition work. We provided 5 typical concept of extraordinary houses as a story book. 

Isamu (2005)

Hommage to Noguchi Isamu. This lamp consist of three wood sticks are bundled by small metal ring, cylindrical Japanese paper, and the bulb. Nothing to glued or jointed those materials but it will be stable once the bulb was set.

Lighting Experiment #01 (2005)

An installation work. Heat of the bulb let the wax melt and the bulb start sinking into the wax gradually.

wax, bulb, socket, electric code, electricity

Shuttle (2005)

Inside out. If the corridor had its own shape, then it divide else of space functionally.

Noren Chair (2005)

Pop-up room in open air space. 

Cap Lamp (2004)

Exhibition work. 

WATCH me carefully (2004)

Clock shaped calendar

BOBBiN (2004)

A bobbin shaped lamp. The long electric code allows to be used it as pendant light from ceiling, stand light on desk, or floor lamp when you reading laying down.

DAIKO lighting design Awarded

Gerhan (2004)

Exhibition work. The hanger which has a dimple. It allows to hang another one, and then you can dress up your room by your favourite cloths.

Internal Architecture (2004)

The clients wanted to have space for bed, cook, eat in the half-completed building as atelier. We designed inner architecture that has its own shape separated from existence interior.

Openness (2004)


A room in social housing which is designed for single family with small kids. A big one room can be turned to 4 different rooms if you draw out the sliding door hidden in the closet.

Whiteness (2004)

White for not moving things, gray for movable things

Gallery 2.24 (2004)

The doors like wall has many hole, it's convenient to display anything. The design as background.

Uwabami (2003)

A House with a roof has rooms inside its structure frames. It was inspired by the famous story "Le Petit Prince".

House/Court (2003)

A house has a three dimensional green garden as outer wall. The 3d garden is sandwiched between the mesh screen outside as plants' support and glass sliding doors inside. Plants can be used not only object to be seen but also it working to take in fresh air into inside.

Uchiya (2003)

A renovation project one room living with 3 generations in a social housing. One small house in house is set in the middle of a room. It divides a room into many different functional spaces.

IC 2004 Awarded

O Town Center (2003)

A big straw hat floating above the ground.

Collaborated with Keita Fujikawa

Organic Wall (2002)

Flexible wall system which is jointed many posts to create space temporary needs by habitants. 

Collaborated with Keita Fujikawa & Kenta Hayashi

LOOP (2002)

Wearable tote bag as like a vest under your jacket.

STST (2001)

Minimum box culvert shaped furniture for multi use. As a stool, as a shelf or storage with stacking, as a side table and so on. 

LESS (2001)

Two stories house has different spatial characters. One is designed as wooden glass house, and another one is designed as private rooms half basement underneath the glass house. This concept comes from history of human habitation from ancient cave to modern era, to live more natural in this vast location. 

Collaborated with Hiroshi Sambuichi
Published in 2001 Aug issue of "jt"

SANSUI (2001)

Sansui is a word to describe a view with nature especially land floating on water scape just as like a Japanese garden made with sand and rocks. The bathroom and movable furniture were designed as floating lands on the white space as water.

Miyajima View Triplet (2001)

The renovation of the rooms which has three stories. Minimum intervention with natural material flooring, furniture, and fabrics.

Pilot House #01 (1996)

Minimum but all essential equipments for human life is included into a cubic shaped pod. This is a statement which house should be more affordable and more flexible from all kinds of social circumstances. 

SD review 1996 selected.
Collaborated with Tetsuya Tsukada, Hiroshi Sambuichi, and Kazuhide Doi

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